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Second villain (holding a gun to Black Canary's head): "hold it right there, Wonder Girl! Surrender to us, or I'll finish off Black Canary!" Wonder Girl: "You win. I can't let you kill Black Canary. I surrender." The villains remove Wonder Girl's magic belt and bind her with ordinary ropes with her hands behind her back. Wonder Girl: "You don't have to do this! I surrendered!" Second villain:" We're not taking any chances, Wonder Girl! We know about your magic belt being the source of your Amazon powers; without it, you are helpless!"
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In reality Wonder Girl would be way too fast, swiftly releasing the villain from her golden magic lasso as he falls crashing down to the cement floor. Instantly she lashes out the lasso forward knocking the gun away from her captured superheroine friend, followed by a mid-air jump and powerful right snap kick sending the evil villainess crashing into the wall unconscious. Continuing a fierce show of Amazon combat athleticism, Wonder Girl defeats the criminal gang saving Black Canary. Standing in a power pose bold and victorious, Wonder Girl shouts! "Mess with best, get your ass kicked like the rest!"   Thank you very much for your brilliant comment.
I don't think so. If you look closely at the photo, the villain holding Black Canary is holing the gun on top of her head. Even with her speed and her golden lasso, there's no way that Wonder Girl would be able to stop a bullet from that short a distance or grab the gun in time; if she tried, Black Canary would be a dead canary. Wonder Girl, not wanting Black Canary to be killed, would surrender and the villains, knowing Wonder Girl's weakness, would remove her magic belt to make her powerless.
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When creating this picture I envisioned Wonder Girl to be extremely confident with unimaginable power and able to move at lightning speed, way faster than an ordinary human being could even move a finger to pull the trigger and definitely fast enough to save Black Canary in this perilous situation. The outcome of this picture is whatever the viewer imagines it to be, that's the fun of superheroine fantasy. Thanks for your comment.