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This is my entry for azure week under the theme ‘’raindrops’’ I think. Gosh... first of all I experimented with the rain effect, and then whole effects for this baby to work. Second I took some inspiration from rainy Kaiba from dsod ;) I will think about doing other themes, but I am still finishing my manga, hope you like it and Happy Azure Week :)

‘’Both of them stared at the sky, like the whole world stopped. Kaiba wondered why in the first place was he standing against one of Yugi’s friends cheerleader 

-Hey Kaiba, have you ever wondered how much rain can calm and wash away all the pain and sorrow?-  Tea asked

-Hmph, seems to me its just a waste of my time. If you’re planning to stay and get yourself sick, then I’m getting out of here- Boots of the young CEO started to splash small puddle of water scattered across the street of Domino.

-They why don’t you be my guest?- With a small smirk, Kaiba turned around to see that this.. girl, can actually shine brighter now than anything he’s ever seen. 

I don't pwn Yugioh, only my art style, don't repost without my perimission pretty please

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