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OOHHH there's some action babyy! I need to get used to these panels, they are such a pain in the ass... I am soon done with this, but I am glad how every single day I'm progressing my art style. I'll keep practicing until I'm sure that I can make a real doujin or even a webtoon (and also to buy me a graphic tablet, mouse yah, 12 years, don't ask)

I don't own Yugioh nor the dubbing team (4kids) who did this, I only own my art style as you can see. If you're planning on reposting do tag me or ask for permission. 

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Ah yes the time he slightly brushed her titties XD

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Yes XD I wanted to bring a bit spice of drama to it

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Drama is always good just as long as it doesn't escalate quickly otherwise it seems fake... then again there are super rare occasions in real life that go from 0-100% really quick and they seem like a weird dream after everything passes.