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Read from RIGHT to LEFT (kinda manga thing if you ask me)

This was requested for my friend from Tumblr, and honestly I don't mind it at all! In fact, I'll let you guys guess which episode of Yugioh am I redrawing. 
Manga style is not my thing, since its the first time that I am actually doing it :| (Blank Stare) Hopefully with practice I'll learn it step by step until I get my long awaited graphic tablet (yeah I am poor ass).

If you're planning on reposting my art make sure you tag me or just dm me for approval (or else I will find you :D (Big Grin) )
Kazuki/Kazuhi (I don't know k) Takahashi owns Yugioh 
Also I took the english version, since the voice actor are amazing. PERIOD. The only thing in all of this is 4kids duh... 

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