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New Fanfiction WILL be uploaded?!

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Hey guys, how are u?
Well, currently I've been working for new fanfic of Yugioh. I will not tell you the detail of my story, because it's a suprise ;)
And um, wish me luck, that's all I can say, and look forward to read my other fanfictions soon.
Love SweetCupcake

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May I ask why Yami's eyes are red instead of purple?
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Well, on the covers of the original manga, both Yugi and Yami's eyes were redish-purple. In the first anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! "Season Zero," Yami had red eyes (but Yugi's were purple). It's not uncommon to see Yami's eyes colored red, given his history. Duel Monsters is when both character's eyes were officially made purple.
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I see. Thanks for explaining.
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No problem. :meow:
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Well, I don't know, red is actually more how can I say, dark-mysterious, something like that, and thank you for the comment.
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Makes sense. Your welcome :)
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This. Is. Beautiful.

I don't know how you turned a base into something this amazing but you did, so Kudos to you. I love how you turned almost every female in the original picture/base into a male and yet you captured their personalities so nicely. I kinda feel bad for Ryou, what could have happened to him? But anyway, Anzu looks beautiful. I've never really liked this outfit, and I'm sad that I only realised now how beautiful she looks with it. May I ask what program dis you use to edit this base?

Also, I'll certainly keep an eye out for your fanfic. I have a feeling it's going to be great. :D
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Well, first of thank you so much for your comment, and how you said, I was trying to connect the base with original characters, and um yes so I was thinking maybe I can do some performance, but either I didn't think that from the base will change into the most beautiful picture ever made >.< I'm actually proud of this picture. To answer your question I used program Paint Tool Sai, and this program is very useful to me a lot, and as for Bakura, you ask, well his character is kind of nice but his other side, that creepy Bakura that I like, choose the right base, cause you know, in show, Bakura's good side is fighting his evil so that's why this happened to him, hehe... 

Anyway, let's get to the point, my fanfiction, thank you again for such a nice comment, but I am not sure WHEN will I post the story, because in Monday I have huge work to do, and when I write it I will tell you the detail, till then you will have to wait...
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Very cool picture!
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This is a very nicely drawn fanart! :iconiheartitplz:

Anzu looks so awesome here! Her pose is very dynamic and her sparkling eyes show that she is laughing out from her heart. I wonder who is going to take her hand? Personally I hope it's either Yami or Seto. I think it is great how you put almost every main character on this fanart. Moreover I love Anzu's outfit here! She looks adorable in pink and yellow and how could anybody dislike this super sweet skirt she is wearing? The colours here are also amazing. Everything seems so vivid. I also have to mention that I like that almost every character here is smiling. Shizuka looks so sweet and beautiful. I just want to hug her. Unfortunately I don't read fanfictions when Wishshipping isn't involved but I wish you good look with your project!
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Please tell me you plan to pair Serenity with Tristan!
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Well, I will think about it ;)
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