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So I logged on to one of the art communities called SheezyArt and found that one of my latest artwork had been removed from my gallery. I just got a message from one of the moderators, who accused me of art theft. I am shocked! I have linked proof and references of my work. I have NEVER EVER (and will NEVER) steal art as I respect other artists. All credits are properly mentioned in all my works as all of you know. I've had a long tough week and it doesn't make me feel any better. With all the time and effort on my work I've put in (and sore eyes), I'm upset! NOTE: Please read details in the descriptions before assuming anything. I don't know why so many people don't read. I've CLEARLY provided detailed description with reference links and they assume copying. Yes, the real photo is not mine's, but the art IS! Would you call this stealing?

I joined these other art communities to share my work and be exposed around the world. Now that I find that there are a lot of "unfriendly" people and immature kids on SheezyArt, my friends tell me to get out of there. I don't call it a critique when they just say your work is "ugly" or "unpleasant" or other negative comments. There's no respect. Because of this, I will be closing my account.

There are also other small art communities where I submit art, but have to wait for the admin to approve before it is posted (which takes about a week or more). It's kinda dumb. Or there's other sites that nobody leaves any feedback at all. But that is another story unlike the above mentioned.Yes, it really hurts me and my reputation.

Thank-you, my friends over at CGWaves and DeviantArt, for the comforting and support.

And speaking of theft... with the recent break-in and stolen properties at my cousin's house, I am angry!



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karlarei2003's avatar
How the crap can that happen if you've got references and proof it was yours?

You should be angry. Heck, I'm angry FOR you X<
sweetcivic's avatar
They probably didn't read my entire description.
karlarei2003's avatar
Possibly but in a way that's bad too.
shades-of-art's avatar
well had that on DA too a French girl took art from me
and just top't the layer and claimed it her own LOL

Told her to back off , turnd out to be a 13 year old ,
had no idea this is no Photobucket

so benefit of the doubt and xmas in minde at that time.
sweetcivic's avatar
That's not right. Did she do it again? Good that you found out.
shades-of-art's avatar
no she did not and she apologized too ;-)
reginepetrola's avatar
that sucks.

real artist accused of stealing her own art. wow @_@

*sigh* meanwhile someone actually stole my art and claimed it as theirs
sweetcivic's avatar
I know... My friends telling me to leave that place, so I did (and I'm not going back). Hope you were able to contact whoever took your art.
time-warrior's avatar
I'm sorry you are having trouble hon. You're work is refreshingly original. ^^
So you are very welcome. :hug:
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