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Give the hat back

why do o feel like it's so messy? XD

i didn't know what to draw =w= then this suddenly came OwO

waaah why are backgrounds so troublesome for me? XD i always spend HOURS just trying to figure out what i'm supposed to put as a bg........ then in the end i'm not that satisfied with it >.> that explains why i love plain white bgs
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:love: aWWW!

now that is extremely cute

Awesome job :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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:D you are very much welcome

:confused: by chance were you having them switch clothes?

:sherlock: i noticed ash looks like he's wearing misty's shorts and top while of course misty's wearing his jacket and hat

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yes they were :3 i just wanted to make misty wearing ash's clothes the more obvious one cuz she looks cooler :iconilikeitplz:
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:D yeah

misty does look great in ash's clothes

imagine if she done it on a real episode of pokemon :teevee:
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that'd be awesome!! *w* i just wish they'd bring misty back to the series :<
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you know i think there is some hardcore evidence out there, that the writers will bring her back
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so cute and colorful !
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AAAAWWWW, that was so cute and adorable XD
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heck yeah misty lookin like a boss. ash is tryna still her shine.
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Haha XD Misty's number ONE!! >w<
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your drawings are cute! Especially this one; I made one just like it a while ago as a request but it's done in pen; Ash was saying "the hat looks better on you anyway!" and Misty was laughing :D I like the colors you used
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thanks so much TTWTT

haha XD it does look cool on her :la:

you like the colors?! are you sure? XDD well, the way it was colored sucks but i'm still glad tho XD
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it's bright so I like it a lot :D
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