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Please note me whether I open slots for commissions or not :D 

Also, I only accept :iconpaypalplz:

First thing first:

- When I accept a commission, I will first give you a sketch.
- After the sketch gets an 'OK', upfront payment is required (Unless it's a larger scale work/contracted work)
- 1 piece usually take around 2 -3 days to complete. Please be patient.
- If you want to be regularly updated every day, you can add my Facebook or Facebook Fanpage and chat with me (I online very often there.)
- Price range will be a bit higher for commercial projects

I don't draw:

- nudes
- Mechas (Still learning how to do it without making them too shiny)

I can draw:

- Realism
- Anime Semi Realism (OC/Fanart)
- 2D anime art 
Fantasy themed creatures/people
- CGs
- Backgrounds
- Concept Art
- Sprites
- GUI design
P.S: My palette usually involves bright/pastel colors

Portrait (Semi-Realism): $45

Tony Stark by SweetChiel Captain Jack Sparrow by SweetChiel

Portrait (Anime-ish Semi Realism): $35
Kogitsunemaru by SweetChiel Mikazuki Munechika by SweetChiel Esdeath by SweetChiel

Waistup (Anime-ish Semi Realism with simple background): $35 - $50 (+$30for additional character, with difficult/detailed background price may go up)
Rama by SweetChiel Tamara by SweetChiel Mitra by SweetChiel Miss Barong Bali by SweetChiel

CG (2D Anime Style, Waistup/Fullbody): $35 - $50 (+$30 for additional characters. You can provide me the backgrounds but if not, price might change if the background is detailed.)

Cg Rama Mitra Event 2 by SweetChiel CG1 Reksa by SweetChiel CG1 Mitra by SweetChiel Cg Reksa Hug A by SweetChiel Cg Rama Event 5b by SweetChiel

Concept Art: $50 - $100
Rama by SweetChiel Reksa by SweetChiel Mitra by SweetChiel

Character Sprite: $20 - $35
Comes with
1. Expression below :
Eyebrow - normal, angry, frown
Eyes - open, close
Cheeks - Blush, sweat
Mouth - close, open, smile, laugh

Char difference by SweetChiel

Character LineUp by SweetChiel

P.S.: These prices are for self-use only. If you wish to commission me for commercial purposes, the prices will double.

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