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DAO Last Night Together

an old drawing of zevran and minna (my character). I did this drawing because i got so sad when Minna died in the fight against the archdemon. and yes she was in a relation with zev... and it's just so so... SAD D: even if i think they could have made the game a bit sader when she dies.. like when alistair wants to sacrefise himself to save ur character..(i cried like a baby when i saw it on youtube) then i would cry waves.. but anyway.. i then did my own drawing of the last night zev can be toghter with the one he loves, and he know that whatever he does.. he can not save her:'C

i know that some of u may remeber this drawing.. and.. i hope u all like it.
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that is fantastic! The hair, the detail, all astounding
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Awesome work. Love it
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Feels are mentally and physically stabbing me a million times over. If you hear sobbing later on, that's me crying myself to sleep.
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I love Zevron!  He's just awesome.  And Minna looks cool.  In my game of dao I'm a forest elf rogue, what are you?  Or were you?
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All my feels... ALL OF THEM. It's so beautiful, in a sad way. I like the piercings Zevran and she have.
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This is so beautiful :tears:. Great job :+fav: I favourited it
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so touching.
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It's totally amazing :O
The details on their hairs is my favorite part. And Zev looks so much like Zev :O
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It actually brought tears to my eyes!!! It's a beautifully done picture. The details are wonderful
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Wow...this is just beautiful!
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Zevran is one of my all-time favorites. I can't bear to let my character die ;___; I can't do that to him.
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It's like she is saying to Zev: "Be strong, my love"... T_T
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What a beautiful picture. And to have such a story behind it gives it a stronger impact. Well done!
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My heart just broke, but I love it!
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Beautiful! Love everything about it, especially how you painted his hair :D
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Wow, I want to tell something but I don't know what...
That's how i look now ---> ;-C
And that's how I'll look in a moment ---> T.T <EMO>
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