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Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow

OHMYGOD. This piece gave me so much grief. It made me angry. I wondered what I got myself into. Deleted so many pieces. BUT I PERSEVERED. It is not anywhere near the original picture I set out to make (not saying that I'm unhappy with the result). Idk how many hours (a lot) or how many layers (SO MANY). I hope you're prepared for all the stock credits; you may be surprised at the number of them.
Listened to: Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and Melanie Martinez.

Alien Horse: :iconcolourize-stock: here.
Hooves: :iconcolourize-stock: here.
Tail: :icondella-stock: here.
Antlers: :iconlord-furfur: here.
Solid Ground: :iconcompasslogicstock: here and here.
Sky: :iconiskarlata: here, :iconwebtreatsetc: here, :iconemerald-depths: here, and :iconfune-stock: here (created by :iconfunerium:).
Planet Texture :iconsirius-sdz: here and :iconequiliari: here.
Overall Texture: :iconsolstock: here.
Star/Flare Brush by Planet: :iconkuschelirmel-stock: here.
Brushes that assisted me on the mane and tail fluff parts that I did paint/edit: :iconarrsistable: here.

I'm /pretty/ sure that is all of them. Anything not credited I did myself.
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