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Chatroom homage 2014



So I'mma dump all the mentions here to credit pones then story time. :v
This is in no specific order.
Also, It's hard to find everyone's DeviantART account so I'll miss a few peeps.

Starsong owned by :iconcupcakethemasked:
Alexandas/Moon rabbits/Banatato/whatever the heck their new name is. lol (Deleted account)
Shining Star is owned by Perry the Pony. (Can't find his account, but I know it's somewhere)
CrabApple owned by :iconwingedwolf94:
Sweet Brew(Me) :iconsweetbrew:
Night Shine :iconzhivk000:
Stanwixbuster (Deleted account)
Pawprint (Can't find account, but they're "Eivuiee" on LoE)
Veserpal Veil :iconvesperalveil
Puynsi (Can't find DA account, not sure if it even exists. lol)
LightWing (No DA, but goes by "LBYoshi" or "Yoshi 1990")
Ramisha :iconeggsclamation-point:
Mango bloom (No DA as far as I know, but goes by "djazz" on LoE)
Stanwixbuster (Deleted DA)
Jenzy :iconchainchomp7:
Maneflame :iconfirekatkid:
Brave Dash/Brave Fleet/whatever, I'm not fully sure. X3 :icondatonetrumpet:
Dr Induction :icninductionpone:
Gingineer (Deleted account)
Crimson Feather (I know he has a DA! I just can't find it!)
Darcy/laptopbrony/pipkin/dang you guys have lots of names. :iconprincess-darcy:
Takadoroba (Can't find Da, dunno if they have one)
Rainstorm :iconyellowpikmin476:
Random Saiko (Dunno if they have a DA)
Dragoonis (Same, can't seem to find it)
Professor Phoenix (One again, can't seem to find it, dunno if it exists. lol)
Proudyhooves :iconproudyhooves:
Dawns Embrace :iconduskscaress:
Howitzer (Dunno if DA exists)
Ryo_D_Disk :iconryodisk:
McSleuthburger (Can't find DA, dunno if he has one or not)

If any of you want the original vectors I used in this feel free to ask me, I have them all in much higher resolution.
Though sorry to you few unlucky pones who just ended up as a head. lol
I tried to put equal work into everyone!

*Whew!* That was a lot!
I'm sure this picture misses a pony or two, but the original threat on the forums was locked away for some reason.
Thanks to (pending until I get their "Okey-dokey" to credit them on this) for helping me dredge up all the info on this I could.
Hope I'm not digging up any graves with this, but in all honesty I don't care that much, this needed to happen and is an honor to every single pone in it.

Most of you, my watchers probably weren't around on LoE in 2014, or at all.
Most of you will just see this as a picture with a lot of ponies.
But there's so much more to it.

Story time!

Back in early 2014 me and these 31 other ponies and many more all would talk in the LoE chat page, though the chat used to be stuck to the front page they eventually moved it to it's own page, which eventually got taken down, either way, we'd all talk in there and have a good time.
Sometime in March Alexandas, Me and Takadoroba had the idea of making a picture to visualize the chatroom with everyone in it.

We scheduled it for mid/late April, around this time.
Which is why I made this, this marks the chatroom collaboration projects 4th anniversary.

Now Alexandas was the leader of the project, I was the design guy and Taka... uhh... He kinda was PR I guess? lol
Anycase, we needed an artist, so we looked around and almost got Jenzy(Chainchomp7), but settled on CrabApple(Wingedwolf94) because she could crank out pone pictures a lot faster, seriously she was lighting quick.
We'd make jokes about sonic rainbooms and stuff when we'd watch her live streams back on lol

Now once we started getting the ponies down we needed the background, which was Alexandas's job.
They started having computer issues though and couldn't do it, which slowed the project down substantially.
So, the project was practically dead, so I took control after like 2 months of inactivity of the project and reached out to Jenzy for the background.
Seeing as Alexandas was the leader of the project they weren't happy with my decision and understandably so (Though I'd do it again, lol Sorry, Alex. X3) as they wanted to do the background and play a larger part in the whole thing and technically owned the project.

So, they kicked me off the project and... well frankly I kinda was the motor of the thing, so it died and never made it past April.
Until now.

This is an homage to the people I knew and loved so so much.
Sadly we've all went our separate ways.
One of them I believe died even.

Now for the sappy stuff. :v

Now, I've tried to keep sad, negative drama off my DeviantART for a while now as I know people here don't care about me, they care about my art.
And I'm not throwing the pity party of "You don't care about meeeeeeeeee" but no, it's true.
You guys don't know me outside of a reply or two, so your care doesn't go beyond caring goes for the casher at Walmart or whatever.
And that's okay, Because it's my fault for keeping my heart seared shut.

But the thing is, like every human being, I have emotions, feelings and a heart ready to burst with just about every emotion loud enough to deafen a city.
This is both a curse and a blessing.
I feel things so much deeper than other people and it gets very lonely when those emotions aren't returned.
The people in this picture knew that, they returned every warm hearted emotion in a way more than I could ever dream.
Every group of friends I've been in has always felt shallow, desaturated in heart and just all out flat-lined.
Every group of friends I've met I've been comparing to these guys, and I know that's unfair... Because these guys were something special I'll never find again.

Now, if you know me now, please don't take this as devaluing our friendship, but I'm sick and tired of keeping things to myself for the sake of others feelings.
This is one time I want to say what I mean, say what I think and say how I feel.

But gosh... after it all it's very hard to open my heart again to someone the same way... I guess this is me doing just that in my own way.
But it's scary and takes a lot of work on both sides, and frankly the person on the other side shouldn't be putting that kind of work into it.

This picture doesn't have the quality I'd hoped it would, but I know that's outside my skill level.
And the heart in it makes up for that I think.

Every person in there has something they're doing that represents them in some way or another, even the ones I barely knew I still can say their name off the top of my head and the general idea of who they are, or at least who they were back then.

So much as has changed over the years though that everyone's either moved on or changed so much that I don't recognize them.
Of all these people only 2 of them I've managed to keep in contact with.
(You know who you are. lol woof woof and switch switch)

Sad thing is, even if we could get everyone back together again we'd all have changed so much that it wouldn't be the same.
Time has it's own mind and leaves you in the dust unless you keep up with the present day.
So living in the past would not do much.

Looking back is still fun though, 2014 was the best year of my life.
It has some of my hardest moments but I persevered through them and grew as a person because of it.
It's made me who I am today, and Fate has a plan for everything so it must be setting up something special for all of us that have made it this far.

Made mistakes, lost friends, learned lessons and grew and wouldn't live life any other way.
I was so so young and stupid at first, but 2014 not only woke me up but introduced me to my own heart and hurt it beyond what words can say, but because of that I know my own heart and not many people can say that.
I understand now why people go through hard times, because as fire tempers a sword hardship tempers a heart.
Because of all this I've learn my lessons and made my mistakes at such a young age that by the time I even get a chance to move out I'll be able to enjoy the little things in life that people in their 50s are only just learning.

You guys changed my life forever, for the better... Even if it hurt sometime.

Funny thing is though, as young as I am I feel as if I'm immortal.
I've lived to see my friends come and go in the same way some see Twilight as immortal living to see her friends grow old and die.
I never liked immortality songs before, but now I really relate to them.

So this is my way of closing the book and ending this chapter of my life.
And in all honesty, I'm glad it happened.
I'm okay, I'll be okay, and it's time to wait for my next great adventure to begin in life... Whenever that may be. X3

So to close off my ramblings to people who probably won't see this (Besides a few of you actives that I mentioned. lol) I'll leave you with some sad pone music that pretty much sums up how I feel right now and probably will feel to the day I die in some little part of my heart.

Stay in my dreams. ~<3
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oh this brings back a lot of memories. I'm still in contact with some of the people from here, and my best friend of 5 years is from this site, :') I wasn't here for 2014, but I remember 2013. I went by wubsiewaffals! I'm still in contact with moon rabbits, dawn, and a few others and we've had our ups and downs but we're still great friends! I told him I was writing a comment after he linked me this for nostalgia and he told me to tell you thank you very much!