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I mainly do Pony, Cartoon and Semi realistic arts.
I'm a total medieval fantasy geek, especially of things like The Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia.

I'm a varied artist who loves to try new things.
I also do a little bit of photography, Sculpture and Writing.

Story writing is my biggest skill along with visual art.
I'm currently and mainly trying to learn music and singing.

Keep checking my deviantART pages every once in a while, because it'll always update with something new...
Whither it be something silly, like trying to paint with tea, and a review on tea flavors, or something big, like a full animation with voice acting and such.

As mentioned, I'm trying to get into music making, I currently play the Piano key bored thing, and Guitar, though I'm not too good at either.

Though acoustic stuff isn't my only music skill I'm pursuing, I'm also learning a couple DAWs and stuff for digital sounds like synths and vocoders and such.

I'm hoping to have a wide verity of musical talents.

Just because I don't thank you for the Llama or favorites or because I don't respond to every comment doesn't mean I'm not thankful, just means I know people hate random spam. loll

This artist needs help finding the owner of this OC!
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If you don't know the OC please pass this on at least on Twitter, DeviantART or whatever you use, it's the least we can do to help them find the owner.


The thing I dislike about Valentine's day is not that I'm reminded that I'm single, because I'm okay with that, but the fact of hearing everyone else complain about being single.

I mean it's okay to feel sad but dang don't be that guy who brings it up literally 7 times in one conversation when we're talking about video games....
(Literally happened)
... ..- -... ... -.-. .-. .. -... . - --- .--. . .-- -.. .. . .--. .. .
I've never really cared for cars much, but the Peel P50 is pretty rad.
They officially killed Classic Skype, that's really upsetting because I can't stand the sounds on the Win10 Skype....
The part that's especially upsetting is that they deleted all my chat history... I had some really important conversations saved with really important people over the years.
Even the file saved to my hard drive was wiped.

That's pretty upsetting.
Anyone know any brony social media sites?


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