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United States
I mainly do Pony, Cartoon and Semi realistic arts.
I'm a total medieval fantasy geek, especially of things like The Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia.

I'm a varied artist who loves to try new things.
I also do a little bit of photography, Sculpture and Writing.

Story writing is my biggest skill along with visual art.
I'm currently and mainly trying to learn music and singing.

Keep checking my deviantART pages every once in a while, because it'll always update with something new...
Whither it be something silly, like trying to paint with tea, and a review on tea flavors, or something big, like a full animation with voice acting and such.

As mentioned, I'm trying to get into music making, I currently play the Piano key bored thing, and Guitar, though I'm not too good at either.

Though acoustic stuff isn't my only music skill I'm pursuing, I'm also learning a couple DAWs and stuff for digital sounds like synths and vocoders and such.

I'm hoping to have a wide verity of musical talents.

Just because I don't thank you for the Llama or favorites or because I don't respond to every comment doesn't mean I'm not thankful, just means I know people hate random spam. loll

So :iconstar24night: tagged me with this.
This is going to be fun. lol

-Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged
-Write 13 things about yourself
~Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.~
-Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged
-Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
-It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
-No tagging back 

Questions to me:

1.) Undertale? Hmmmm? What do you think about that franchise? Handplates Sans - Facepalm Icon 
I dunno, never played. Nervous Fluttershy Emoticon Icon 

2.) Got any secret talents that we don't know about? ewe (I feel like a stalker or something)
I'd like to think I do, like I do a lot of other things besides art, I just post art here and all my other stuff is just kept to myself.
I'm kinda shy about it.

3.) Name one thing that you cannot live without:

4.) Name another that annoys the living crap out of you:
(If nothing bothers you add a photo of an animal ewe)

Computer issues.
 I'm not falling for that shit
Like seriously.
5.) What would be the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?
MLP Fluttershy (Hide) Plz  Well...

6.) Do you read fanfics? If so, recommend me some bruhhhh!!!
No, but I plan on it... Most are MLP related though.

7.) Do you have any insanely unbelievable stories about things that have happened to you?
Too many to tell! lol
But for starters our yard was 1 foot underwater a few weeks ago. lol

8.) Do you have any near-death experiences?
This kinda ties in to 7.
I'll just leave it at that. lol

9.) If you had to use one word to communicate with everyone for an entire year, what would it be?
In all honesty I kinda have been doing that.
I basically just say "Hi" to people and that's it. lol
I'm seriously introverted.

10.) Do you like Marvel movies? If not, then what types of movies do you like?
Oh heck yeah! They just keep getting better!
I haven't been able to keep up with the more recent movies, but it's funny how "Super heroes are for little kids" and then Marvel comes along and is like
 Trump 3
I also love the Narnia and LotR movies a lot!

11.) Do you think that Global Warming is happening?
Seeing as every Winter gets colder, at least here and every Summer gets hotter I don't think Global warming per-say is happening, more global destabilization.
But painting streets white to "fight global warming" is just a waste of money. lol

12.) Favorite Sanic comic (can be fanmade)?
It's been ages sense I've read any so I'm just going to say the old Archie ones back in like #160ish.

13.) Do you think that the number 13 is a bad-luck number?
Obi Wan Disapproves Icon
In my experience there's no such thing as luck. 


Here are my questions for the next group of people that are tagged:

1: Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?

2: If you could tell everyone in the world one life lesson what would it be?

3: Any unpopular opinions you want to vent? If not just say your favorite type of cloud.

4: Favorite type of flower?

5: If you could live in any country where would you move?
Yes, The Moon is an option.

6: Favorite show from before the 90s?
If none just say your favorite video game from before the 90s.

7: How do you like your eggs cooked?

8: Favorite console?
Yes, PC counts.

9: Favorite way of sweetening a beverage?

10: I'm not a fan of Western movies, are you?

11: If you had a choice between $1,000,000 or for Ewan McGregor to secretly land behind you in a building and say Obi Wan Kenobi Hello There
Which would you choose? 

12: Memes.
Hate 'em or love 'em?

13: Any brony musicians you've heard and though "Hey, I really like that" even if you're not a fan of the show?

Time for me to tag random peeps. :v

Hope you don't mind being tagged. ;w;


I'm literally failing at every single thing today.
Ugghhh, just let tomorrow come please.
Hey, DeviantART, maybe I'll turn my add-blocker off to support you on here if you stop showing NSFW ads!
It's cold, dark and rainy here, but I don't mind.
I enjoy quieter mornings.
Preparing to do a full system restore on my laptop.
I've concluded the sound isn't what's messed up, I think it's just the OS or firmware something, I'll be backing up my files and hoping this works, if not maybe I can contact the warranty.

I just don't get this, the newer more expensive tech I get never works while the older stuff still works to this day.

Is it too much to ask for something to work like it's supposed to?
Basically everything I do is on my computer so if this doesn't work then I have no clue what I'll do....


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You earned it for sure. Fluttershy's Cute Face Emoticon Icon 3 
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Good to know I'm doing something right XD
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Hey sorry for the super late response. For some reason, my laptop freaked out and wiped away my Wifi Connection Acccessibilty, so I was forced to do a full Systems Reboot where I had to delete everything and reinstall Windows OS <.< But I still want to wish you a


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Have some free (Celebratory) Art too :) (Smile) Normally I give it out to folks, especially on their birthday, cuz the idea is to spread positive vibes, (cuz I don't know if whoever on the other side is having a bad day or not.)
I was supposed to create more works like this, (cuz one day I'm hoping to make a Free art Collection to help spread positive around the world), but I haven't found the time yet T.T Please enjoy.
Candy-free Wallpaper 2 - Full by Anisa-Mazaki
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Happy Birthday! Have a good one! :D
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