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The trial. by MichiieJackson The trial. :iconmichiiejackson:MichiieJackson 112 93 My little Michael by MonMJ My little Michael :iconmonmj:MonMJ 183 67 MJ - Prep For More Magic by CezLeo MJ - Prep For More Magic :iconcezleo:CezLeo 119 125 The Way You Make Me Feel by MonMJ The Way You Make Me Feel :iconmonmj:MonMJ 105 79 Fall Again Final by malunia1988PL Fall Again Final :iconmalunia1988pl:malunia1988PL 54 40 Just Call My Name And........ by CezLeo Just Call My Name And........ :iconcezleo:CezLeo 118 106 Watching Over You From Here by CezLeo Watching Over You From Here :iconcezleo:CezLeo 68 77 Pray For Us Michael I by CezLeo Pray For Us Michael I :iconcezleo:CezLeo 87 54 MJ - Beginning of Bad Vid by CezLeo MJ - Beginning of Bad Vid :iconcezleo:CezLeo 180 116 WIP2 Lovely MJ Face In Moscow by CezLeo WIP2 Lovely MJ Face In Moscow :iconcezleo:CezLeo 32 0 WIP2 They dont care abt us by CezLeo WIP2 They dont care abt us :iconcezleo:CezLeo 20 25 Michaels Sunshine Smile by CezLeo Michaels Sunshine Smile :iconcezleo:CezLeo 117 92 MJ Looks at Young MJ by CezLeo MJ Looks at Young MJ :iconcezleo:CezLeo 162 104 Not singing At Family Honors by CezLeo Not singing At Family Honors :iconcezleo:CezLeo 137 146 I Got Michael Today by CezLeo I Got Michael Today :iconcezleo:CezLeo 16 65 WIP2 I WishHe WereLookinAtMe by CezLeo WIP2 I WishHe WereLookinAtMe :iconcezleo:CezLeo 19 24
Here I feature the wonderful, brilliant pieces of my fellow artists! Great, great work! :hug:

:iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3: :iconjelloplz:
(Hehe for some reason I just find the rainbow wave icons sooo cute! x] :heart: Love using them now!)

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Reminiscing: A One-Shot
My hand slowly lost its' grip on his, as a tumultuous flow of emotions began crashing back against my brain in waves. I couldn't control myself...
Salty, liquid tears swam beneath my bed-ridden eyes, and I struggled to accept what happened.
" I can't!," I yelled. I CAN'T ACCEPT IT! My voice let out a hoarse, earth-shattering screech that sounded like it came from somebody else.
" You're not DEAD, daddy!"
By then, the time, the day, the month--the year....slipped my mind. I went as blank as a whiteboard wiped clean, my shoulders shaking violently.
Right then and there, I broke out. Sobbing and crying, I was worried my
:iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 3 10
Vague Halloween by SweetblossomsMJ96 Vague Halloween :iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 8 0 The Man In The Magic Mirror by SweetblossomsMJ96 The Man In The Magic Mirror :iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 28 31
Love, Not Hate: Chapter 5
                                                      ~A Trainee, and the Girl of the Past~
Emma's POV:
My head continued to spin dazedly as I followed Michael down the dark, pitch-black backstage, although the only lights illuminating our way was the blinding white spotlights scanning the sky right in front of the sheer stage curtain, covering us from view.
The tour's standby introduction soundtrack right before the show started began booming the Jackson's world-wide famous hit: Bad, with his (Oh my god, I thought to myself) somewhat attractive voice, flooding the whole of Stonehenge Stadium as the crowd screamed, pushed, cried, and yelled, waiting impatiently for Michael to appear.
I could j
:iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 3 28
The MJ Chibi Unleashed by SweetblossomsMJ96 The MJ Chibi Unleashed :iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 6 31 Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black by SweetblossomsMJ96 Taylor Lautner aka Jacob Black :iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 0 0 Justin Bieber by SweetblossomsMJ96 Justin Bieber :iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 6 18 Sound of a Crescendo by SweetblossomsMJ96 Sound of a Crescendo :iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 1 0 It's a Beautiful Thing by SweetblossomsMJ96 It's a Beautiful Thing :iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 61 40
Just Dance the Thriller 2
                                                      ~More Fame? And MJ~
Stefani's mind still deeply within the conversation, she suddenly recalled, with unbelievable dread accompanying it, the indescribable dark depths that Michael Jackson had literally stumbled through in his strong, yet sometimes wavering attempts to obtain justice, and as an aftershock , which she and the world has witnessed, the poor gloved one turned his only sanity onto the horrible dependence of--drugs.
Still though, here was Mr. Jackson, so strong, charismatic, undeniably humble, and--happy. She felt a small, beaming smile turn up the luscious top lip into her cheeks, and, somewhere
:iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 4 4
Just Dance The Thriller 1
"May I please speak with Miss Germanotta?"
This voice stood out: piercing, gentle, and yet soft-spoken among the constant ebbing waves of electrostatic jiggling intensely within her hollow holes of sound. The diamond-encrusted black and dark-ocean blue telephone grasped in her smooth, perfectly slender hand, pressed rather hard against one ear.
Who was this, she may ask, although it did seem like a rather rude remark.
Except, how successful was Miss Germanotta now? This is a brief recap of her life so far:
Right now, the boosting sales of hit razzy-pop albums were soaring endlessly across markets, and now she was deemed ever so popular as the newest 'sound-wave' impact thrust into the zany, techno-chaotic music industry in 2010.
Oh, yes...this was expectedly what she had perfectly wanted...The Fame, as strategically as she had named her dazzling first record. Stefani was rather into the whole, evolving trend of medi
:iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 3 28
MJ-Laughing Beauty by SweetblossomsMJ96 MJ-Laughing Beauty :iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 19 33 MJ-Contemplation by SweetblossomsMJ96 MJ-Contemplation :iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 21 28 The GaGa Gem by SweetblossomsMJ96 The GaGa Gem :iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 4 7 Those Days by SweetblossomsMJ96 Those Days :iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 15 38
Love, Not Hate: Chapter 4
   My breath continued to escape in rapidly as I stared at him, my eyes narrowed as Michael continued to gaze at me with this...uncertainty, but his baby-brown eyes also had a sparkle of curiosity, which I unbelievably found SO cute about him, why? I tried my best to ignore the prickling sensations in my skin at the knees (which really, really hurt), but I guess my teeth were still clenched to resist the pain, because, suddenly finding himself out of his stupid 'reverie', Michael finally offered a free hand (ah, I see...he had the basketball, I know), which was actually trembling in front of my view--in the dark.
:iconsweetblossomsmj96:SweetblossomsMJ96 6 27

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:iconmjj-1958-forever: :iconbilliejeannotmylover: :iconmj-forever: :iconmjjfans4ever:





It's a gorgeous thing: MJ!
Hello! ^_^ There is just an utter amount of Art-fever around. I'm striving to become a developed Cartoonist, basic painter, and developing my sketches :D. So, welcome to my pagee, and enjoy! I would also love some suggestions--they are always welcome! :heart:

And, I love Michael Jackson, Naruto/N.Ship, and ART

(Art is probably a huge part of the viewpoint of my existence n.n (;.) :hug:

AND I will forever :heart:: :love:



:rose: :rose:
Your love is magical, that's how I feel
But I have not the words here to explain
Gone is the grace for expressions of passion
But there are worlds and worlds of ways to explain
To tell you how I feel
But I am speechless, speechless
That's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am far away and nothing is for real
When I'm with you I am lost for words, I don't know what to say
My head's spinning like a carousel, so silently I pray
Helpless and hopeless, that's how I feel inside
Nothing's real, but all is possible if God is on my side
When I'm with you I am in the light where I cannot be found
It's as though I am standing in the place called Hallowed Ground
Speechless, speechless, that's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am far away and nothing is for real
I'll go anywhere and do anything just to touch your face
There's no mountain high I cannot climb
I'm humbled in your grace
Speechless, speechless, that's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am lost for words and nothing is for real
Speechless, speechless, that's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am far away, and nothing is for real

But in your presence I am lost for words
Words like, "I love you."

-Michael Jackson: Speechless, Invincible (2001) :heart: :love: :heart:


:iconiloveyouplz: ;) :love: :glomp:
Your Butt Is Mine
Gonna Take You Right
Just Show Your Face
In Broad Daylight
I'm Telling You
On How I Feel
Gonna Hurt Your Mind
Don't Shoot To Kill
Shamone, Shamone (Come On :XD:! :love:)
Lay It On Me All Right...

I'm Giving You
On Count Of Three
To Show Your Stuff
Or Let It Be . . .
I'm Telling You
Just Watch Your Mouth
I Know Your Game
What You're About

Well They Say The Sky's
The Limit
And To Me That's Really True
But My Friend You Have
Seen Nothing
Just Wait 'Til I Get Through . . .

Because I'm Bad, I'm Bad-
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad-
You Know It
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
You Know I'm Bad, I'm Bad-
Shamone, You Know
(Bad Bad-Really, Really Bad)
And The Whole World Has To
Answer Right Now
Just To Tell You Once Again,
Who's Bad . . .

And The Whole World Has To
Answer Right Now
Just To Tell You Once Again . . .
Who's Bad?
-Michael Jackson: Bad (1987) :heart: :love::iconmichaeljacksonplz::love:

:rose: :sing:
Billie Jean is not my lover
She's just a girl who claims that " I am the one,"
But the kid is not my son

For forty days and for forty nights, the law was on her side
But who can stand when she's in demand, her schemes and plans
Go and dance, on the floor, in the round, baby...

She told my baby we'd danced 'till three
Then she looked at me
Then showed a photo of a baby cryin'
His eyes were like mine
Come on dance on the floor in the round, baby

-Michael Jackson: Billie Jean, Thriller (1982)

:heart: :sing: :rose:
They're out to get you, there's demons closing in on every side
They will possess you unless you change that number on your dial
Now is the time for you and I to cuddle close together, yeah
All through the night I'll save you from the terror on the screen
I'll make you see

That this is thriller, thriller night
'Cause I can thrill you more than any ghost would ever dare try
Thriller, thriller night
So let me hold you tight and share a
Killer, diller, chiller, thriller here tonight

'Cause this is thriller, thriller night
Girl, I can thrill you more than any ghost would ever dare try
Thriller, thriller night
So let me hold you tight and share a killer, thriller, ow!

-Michael Jackson: Thriller, Thriller (1982) --The Biggest-Selling Album of All Time: Over 104 million records sold! :earth: :#1:

:community: :love: :heart:
I'm Gonna Make A Change,
For Once In My Life
It's Gonna Feel Real Good,
Gonna Make A Difference
Gonna Make It Right . . .

As I, Turn Up The Collar On My
Favourite Winter Coat
This Wind Is Blowin' My Mind
I See The Kids In The Street,
With Not Enough To Eat
Who Am I, To Be Blind?
Pretending Not To See
Their Needs
A Summer's Disregard,
A Broken Bottle Top
And A One Man's Soul
They Follow Each Other On
The Wind Ya' Know
'Cause They Got Nowhere
To Go
That's Why I Want You To

I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change

Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na,
Na Nah...

Make a change...:rose: :rose: :#1: :community:

-Michael Jackson, written by Siedah Garrett: Bad (1987)

:bulletpink:This is the HILARIOUS Math Skit Michael had with Flip, the man with the show in the 1970's--so FUNNYYY!! :XD: :XD:--->>… hehe :love: :boogie:

Flip: Hey, I thought I spent 28 with 'chu, and you owe me!
Michael:"No you don't! You owe me thirteen dollars!"
Michael: " Okay, so 8, minus seven..equals one."
Michael:" Remember that two that was up there?" *Looks at Flip*
Flip: " YES, I've been watchin' it!"
Michael: " Well, we're gonna use it now." :love: :XD: LOL
Michael: " So now, seven--goes into TWENTY-one--THREE times. You owe me $13.
*LOUD laughter from Audience*
Flip: *puzzled*
Michael: *looks at him again* You SEE it, don't 'chu??
Flip:*irritated and confused*...So once you divide, it shows the same multiplying, right??
Michael: Right.
Flip: Okay, so if you don't, I'm gonna subtract sum of your teeth! LOL :XD: :XD: Awuhhh!
Flip: Let's see you add 13 SEVEN times! SO:
*writes SEVEN 13's*
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven--now add that up, turkey!! LOL :XD:
Michael:*sighs and takes chalk* So..3 and 3 is what?
Flip: 6!
Michael: "and one more?"
Flip:" 7!AhahahaHAHA!"
Michael: *rolls eyes and is like 'Seriously?'
Flip: AHAHAHA... *clap* *sees Michael's face and stops*. *cough*
Eugh, nine--nine, nine.
Michael: One more? *Flip counts on fingers.*
Flip: 12!
Michael: One more?
Flip: 13! (LOL it's really 15, but Flip just said it!:XD:)
Michael: One more?
Flip: 18!
Michael:...and one more?
Flip: TWEN-TY-One!
Michael: Right.
*adds up ALL ones beside the threes on 13 :XD:*
22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28.
*writes total*

*Flip is crazed out and BUMMED!! LOLS!!He's like 'What?!'*

(Hilarious laughter and clapping at Michael's genius! LOL Awuuhh:D:D)

*Flip is fidgety, and he flips his pockets inside out, looking away and back.*
*Michael gasps and points at board.* (WAIT until huge clapping dies down.)
Michael: Hey-It's there!!
*points at board*
Flip: I SEE it! Well, I and my secretary'll send 'chu a cheque in the morning.
Michael: *Disappointed* No, naw I can't take that, I want it NOW.
*takes off shoe*
Flip:Then HERE, hold my shoe, will 'ya?
*Michael holds it and is like " OMG, what the heck." He sighs, frustrated--so cuute! :XD:
Michael: Where's the dough??
Flip: I'll have my secretary'll send it to you in the mornin'! Now I let you hold my shoe!
*Michael is like " WHAT?! :XD:*
Michael: Wait, what you mean I did-
Flip: OH get OUTTA here, turkey!!!

Michael leaves with the shoe, disappointed. ~END~

LOL:XD::XD::rofl: :love: Miss him!

LOL XD I :love: the Math Skit Michael had on the Flip show! So hilarious! :XD::XD::XD:


:nod::nod::nod: :iconbummiesplz:--->>>BELOW :XD: :heart::love::love: :iconbummiesplz:

" Michael?"
" Hm--oh, yes?"
" I-I don't want you to leave."
" No, I won't. :hug: Tell the fans all over the world...the precious children, I'm prepared. Ready, to go back and appear huge again--my comeback, this 2009. " :rose::tears:

:bulletblue:Michael, I really can't STAND that you're gone already! The pain you made aches my heart. :heart::crying:

" Speechless...speechless...that's how you make me feel....
You know I'm BAD, you know? And the whole world has to answer right now...
Billie Jean is, NOT my lover. She's just a girl who...
Thriller! Thriller night. Now I can thrill you more than any ghost...
You've been hit by, you've been struck by, a Smooth Criminal...
I always feel like, somebody's watchin' me...ohh.
Beat it! Beat it! No one wants to be defeated...
So you wanna be startin' somethin', you got to be...
Do you remember the time? When we fell in love?...
It don't matter if you're black or white...
All I wanna say is that, they don'really'care'bout us...
You are not alone, I am here with you...
I'm startin' with the Man in the Mirror...
Have you seen my childhood?...
You and I must make a pact, we must bring...
ABC, as easy as do-re-mi, simple as 1-2-3
Ben, the two of us need look no more...
Stop standing in the cold, man! Stop...
Money, they'll die for you, die for you...
Stranger in Moscow...I was standing...
She trapped me in her heart! Dirty Diana.
You're just Another part of Me!...
I sit here by the phone,waitin'for you!

*Music lingers on and on in the tunnel I am now within, bright with light. I don't know where I am, but I recognize the angelic voice. He passed away in--2009, right? Ohh, he did.*

* Wait......-o- :?..........................:eyepopping:
:O :O Oh my GOD! MICHAEL!! MICHAEL, you're HERE!!! I run towards the warm source of light emitting from a glass golden door beyond. I can see it. I can SEE him--I knew...that I would see him again. Up here. :rose::rose:


" Did you ever want to die?"
" Hehe, of course not, no! I want to live forever." -:D MJ

Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

Why did you have to leave so early?? So soon?? :tears:
Maybe you're still planning the amazing and magical, perhaps poised for another triumphant chapter.
We will never know.


:bulletred:Michael's Response:

"I've been told over and over that black people on the cover of magazines doesn't sell copies ... Just wait. Someday those magazines are going to be begging me for an interview. Maybe I'll give them one. And maybe I won't."
-Michael Jackson

(An argument against the ROLLING STONE Publicist who has refused to do a cover story based on MJ, for the publicist stated that: 'Black People did NOT Sell', an extremely racist phrase.) Go, Michael!!!:earth:

Credits to: Wikipedia, 'Thriller' Page

It's NEVER goodbye, Michael. :heart:
Your legacy lives on. Forever, agreed. :rose::floating::iconmichaeljacksonplz::heart::community::heart::earth:

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Christian Rock and Soul, Pop, Soul, R&B, faint Rock is probably acceptable ^_^
Favourite style of art: Impressionist and Abstract
MP3 player of choice: IPod Nano
Favourite cartoon character: I have no idea...there's a lot :) to mention =P =]
Personal Quote: " Live in love and love your life <3
  • Listening to: Cheater by Yours Truly, MJ!!! :D&lt;3
  • Watching: The screen x)
  • Playing: Zuma Deluxe xD
  • Drinking: Waterrrrr :)
Oh. My. GOSHHHHHHHHH....Everybody, how y'all doin'???:iconilavplz:

I am SO happy!! :D:D:peace::iconbummiesplz: (Plus, I've seen how...I've never posted ANY journal entry since the start of SEPTEMBER, woww ._. Was I a lazy-busy bum, forgive me DX -_-

ACK I've missed all of you guys TO BITSS, and school has been such a hassle for me, lately!! I've been, like, completely overloaded with homework and TESTS, UGH :no: (I have a big Science Unit Test tomorrow and I'm still not studying XDD):meow:, but it's so amazinggg to be back ON here, especially to join the HUGEE MJ FAMILY:heart::heart::heart: AGAINNN :D:D :hug:

Guess what? I've been completely shocked when I saw HOW MANY messages I had, and that I haven't uploaded anything to my gallery in what seemed like FOREVERRR O.O ^^;, so here I am in a new, clean state--I PROMISE to upload my new artworks and stories REALLY SOON (a.k.a. As soon as I have time:meow::hug:) Thank you guys sooo muchhh! Without GOD's and your support, I would've no motivation to continue what I dooo :hug::iconcuteglompplz:

This also means--MJ FEVER AGAIN! Right now, I am SO hyped for Halloween, and Thriller is awesomely trending a a hot topic hahaha, YESH:pumpkin::pumpkin::pumpkin:Plans are, I'm going trick-or-treating along with my cousins and sisters on the streets and the malls to get OUR overload of candy, hahaha, kiddie nostalgia XD

Besides that, I've actually also missed a HANDFUL of MJ news [embarrassing]:no:o.O, and you know, I literally JUMPED when I read this and a LOTT MOREE-->!<--See a whole summary too of MJ news you've missed (I've been so busyyy DX)

I seriously can't waitt, it's AMAZINGGG how Michael's coming back with more force now, haha!:huggle: I LOVE him!! XD:XD::meow: Here's a heads-up for some upcoming stuff that's SO CLOSEE to being released in time for the holidays (And I am SURE I'm going to get them!:dance:):

:bulletblack: Michael Jackson: THE EXPERIENCE: Xbox 360 Kinect, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Playstation 3: November 2010
:bulletorange: Michael Jackson's New Album MICHAEL, December 14, 2010!! :peace::heart::heart:


:bulletred:Planet Michael: Virtual World: 2012 (ZOMG I researched more about this and I yelled!! I'm so lazy to type all the details down, lol) ^^;:meow:
:bulletblue: Michael Jackson: THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil; 2011 North American World Tour with 27 shows, including a permanent one to reside in Las Vegas:heart::heart::peace:

Now I'll talk to you guys againn REALLY SOON once I have time, and expect me to post new work:work: every 2 weeks or so DX (I'm sorryyy, school is bothering mee DX :XD::XD::hug:I hope you all understand :tighthug:)


P.S I've been working on a simple poster of Mike's EX-GIRLFRIEND and would-have-been-his-wife (IKR!!!) Brooke Shields haha, but right now I've been a little lazy in finishing it^^;:meow:


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