The Pain you caused

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The pain burns
Like alcohol on an open wound
It seaps through to every part of me
Like water through a cloth
It errodes the most painless memorries
Replacing them with tattered dreams
And lost hopes

The pain stings
Like a thousand wasps
It cradles me in its arms
Squeezing me til I am motionless,
It cuts through me
Like a rusty spoon,
Slowly, painfully
Ripping, trearing, destorying me

The pain sings
Constant reminders
That you did this to me
You- my best friend,
Used me for sex,
Betrayed our friendship,
My trust,
My love.

the pain screams
That you weren't alone
That I let myself be used
Let myself betray our friendship,
My trust,
My love.

You alone did not bring this pain
I alone must deal with it
You alone have forgotten about it.
Ranting on the pain of being used.

preveiw is from hellpanda-stock and it is sorry
© 2002 - 2022 sweetbelle01
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tracy8463's avatar
I like this poem too.Hate to know that you had to go through that though, and from it i hope it help make you stronger. Because of that pain you wrote a really good poem.thank you for sharing.
thanks for the compliment
bl0ndie-babe's avatar
wow...i can really feel the pain of being used when reading this. very nice imagary.
whymebeacause's avatar
aww hun. So much sorrow. I hope you're alright.

Good poem. Good words. Good message.
this was written over 2 years ago. im def fine now..thanks tho for the comment and support
whymebeacause's avatar
you're welcome

DeadlySilent's avatar
I like this very much. I too know that kind of pain
thanks and thanks for addin me to your friends list.
DeadlySilent's avatar
SevenCrimsonLies's avatar
i love the flow...your words seem to just draw me in great work :)
ruella's avatar
wow, so emotive! and bitingly real - very believable. the typos detract a bit from the focus though. but still a really good piece of writing
i am a horrbile speller...prob where most of my typos have come day ill start by writin it in word and then copyin it to here...after i spell check it :-D
ralasterphecy's avatar
Intense emotion and powerful imagery! The very essence of betrayal leaps out of these words and bites you. Good work!
antigrrl's avatar
strong emotions, great flow, i love the personification of pain. well written :) (Smile)
illheartvendor's avatar
love the imagery in this great job! :D (Big Grin)
fairyinboots's avatar
Amazing emotion in this.

I can hear the pain in your voice as you relate these words...

its a ugly feeling, presented very well. My kudos :-) (Smile)
darklifedying's avatar
Amazing I can feel it, it's great. Yes, the harsh reality of it is horrible. The fact of being used it fucking ugly. But other then that, amazingly well writtan.
sweet-agony's avatar
ouch. i hate the reality in this. terms i refuse to come to. the emotion in this sings.
The pain burns
Like alcohol on an open wound

love that. and i think it would work as the truth burns just as well. very very good piece
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