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Michiko: Cinnamon Cake Chibi by strawinmyberry Michiko: Cinnamon Cake Chibi :iconstrawinmyberry:strawinmyberry 10 4
It's the feeling when you stand at the altar looking into the eyes of your special someone.
It's the thing inside a mother when she looks at her new baby.
It's a six-year-old's handwritten card that they weren't forced to make.
It that happy feeling we get in our hearts when that one person passes us in the hall.
Love is when you drop a bunch of pencils and people run to help you pick them up.
When your friend keeps your secret even though she's dying to tell.
The smile from a stranger.
Love is when your friends offer to share their lunch when you forgot yours, and give you their dessert.
It's when someone remembers your birthday without being reminded.
The feeling when a child sits in your lap and cries during a sad movie.
The kid who holds the door open for others.
When someone you barely know sits with you and makes sure you are feeling alright.
The note left on your door wishing you good luck on your test.
Love is the anonymous note left in your locker on Valentines Day.
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Snowy Headdress TUTORIAL by Lizchan33 Snowy Headdress TUTORIAL :iconlizchan33:Lizchan33 109 7
Puppy Love
Dear Raven-haired,
Fuck you. No, I didn't mean that. What I meant to say was, hi how are you? I think you're- ….no no, I shouldn't say at all. Let me start over.
Dear Raven-haired,
You've known me your whole life, and I just want to say thank you. I also want to say that maybe wait. Nevermind. That's wrong – it's all wrong. Let me start over-... no I don't want to start over.
This is so hard for me to talk about. It's so awkward. I know this is exactly what you didn't want. You know that I'm crazy right? Right. I mean it comes with the job, right? So you're prepared for my craziness right? So, I should just say it.....I shouldn't. Saying is confirming, and I don't want to confirm – because I'm so damn unsure about it all. I shouldn't even be writing this letter in the first place. …
Dear Ra- …
Stop stop, just stop. No don't, don't go. The last thing I want is for you to be scared away. And the last LAST thing I want is for eve
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Amanda Warren
United States
Hi, I'm still new at this but I'll try to add things as I go. I have a lot more interests than what I could fit in the Interests box haha. I also absolutely love the color Pink, Bunnies are my favorite animals, Unicorns for mystical animals, and I love bears (animals and plush toys) and Teddy Bears. I collect a lot tiny knick-knacks and trinkets, too much I have a lot of it around or I lose it. I also love Hello Kitty and collect a few plushies of her and some knick-knacks like pencils and bags. Another collectible of mine is erasers. When I was younger, I used to collect alot of erasers of animals. Lost most of them now but now I'm collect small food erasers which I keep in a heart shaped box that I brought because I liked it. In my interests, I'm into the Japanese fashion Gothic Lolita and dress up in Sweet, Kuro and Shiro, Gothic and sometime in the future Country and Guro. I write stories though finishing them is the challenge. I draw a little but not enough that its very good so I won't be showing those haha XD Books are like food to me, I collect so many, manga, novels and children books. I love reading fairy tales, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, horror, mystery, and young adult if that counts. They could be all rolled up into one too. That's it for now :)

Favourite genre of music: Techno, Rave, Electronica (?), Pop, Punk, Country, Classical, Oldies
Hi there, I'm back! Haha not that I was active much before. I had some friends who went on deviantart and told me to join to but I didn't understand it years ago so I just left it alone and forgot. Currently at school, feeling like a zombie and lots of homework and a math quiz to fail (sigh as soon as I get a calculator everything will be okay. *strokes teddy bear*) I mean decently pass. :D That's the spirit, optimism. *sulks in the corner* Don't mind me, I'm running on 4 or 5 hours of sleep and I tend to be a little crazy if not cranky because of that. Anyway, time to practice math. *holds pencil to my head* SAVE ME!
  • Listening to: The sounds of a printer printing~
  • Reading: Notes I need to memorize for math DX
  • Watching: My computer screen
  • Playing: Nothing :(
  • Eating: Nothing and I feel hungry :o
  • Drinking: My spit


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