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My Top 10 Fairy Tail Openings by Sweetb15, literature

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My Top 10 Fairy Tail Openings by Sweetb15, literature

10 Animes that I will probably never watch by Sweetb15, literature

My Top 10 Anime Covers by Amelee by Sweetb15, literature


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My Bio
Hey everyone welcome to my page, so here you'll find fanfiction, cosplay, drawings and other creative stories. Along with that in my journal section i have anime reviews along with a group where you can see more

here are the groups i am in:

:iconreview-4it: - Founder [where all my reviews will go now also ]

:iconmaple-syrup-shooters: - Co-founder

katekyohitman-r3b0rn.deviantar… Co-founder

Animes I've seen: [if there is a * next to it, it means i will rp it]

- Fairy Tail*
- Hell Girl*
- Uta no Prince-sama*
- Highschool of the Dead
- Katekyo Hitman Reborn*
- Hetalia*
- Dangan Ronpa [I LOVE THIS SERIES]*
- NO.6*
- Cardcaptors
- Yowamushi Pedal* [not finished yet]
- HunterxHunter* [not finished yet]
- Naruto [the original]*
- One Piece [not finished yet]
- Brothers Conflict*
- Zankyou No Terror
- Another
- Mekaku city actors
- Kamigami no Asobi
- Death Parade*
- Umineko no koro ne
- Say 'I love you'*
- Itazura Na Kiss
- Gugure! Kokkori-san
- Wolf girl and Black Prince*
- Yumeriro Patissiere*
- Fruits Basket*
- Ouran highschool host club*
- Princess Jellyfish*
- Shugo Chara*
- Baka to Test
- Inuyasha
- Digimon
- Bakugan
- Pokemon*
- Gakuen Alice
- Kaichou wa maid sama
- Haikyuu!* [not finished yet]
- Samuri Champloo
- Nanastu no Taizu [Seven Deadly Sins] [not finished yet]
- Tonari no seki-kun
- Pupa
- Corpse Party Tortured Souls*
- Gekkan Shoujo nozaki-kun
- Ore Monogatari [not finished yet]
- Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
- Meganebu!
- Hamtaro
- Kimi Ni Todoke
- Skip Beat
- Prince of Tennis
- Inazuma Eleven [not finished yet]
- You Lie in April [not finished yet]
- Sakamichi no Apollon [not finished yet]
- Miracle Train

things i love:
-manga and anime
- Japanese music
-video games [catherine, Kingdom hearts, etc.]
- Earrings [they are my babies]
- different Languages

things i hate:
-Druggies and Drunks
- Haters
-Having no money [im not greedy]
- having no anime or manga to watch/read
- not being in a relationship [which i'm not]

Favourite Movies
Dont know yet
Favourite TV Shows
Hetalia or Fairy tail
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Japanese music
Favourite Books
any manga
Favourite Games
Left 4 Dead, Hetaoni
Other Interests
drawing really weird pictures that will be up soon

My Anime List [will always increase] by Sweetb15, journal

Devianart Changes, My Views, and You Guys. by Sweetb15, journal

Least Favorite Character by the Alphabet by Sweetb15, journal

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Thanks for the fave.

Thank you SO MUCH for all your :+fav:s !!!!!!! :hug: :heart:

Thank you so much for the fav my len drawing! Fav

Kagamine Len - Servant of evil fanart
Happy Birthday MeiHappy Birthday Mei
“AH!” Mei Hatsume exclaimed, as she sprung her head off the ground and looked around. She wasn’t sleeping in her room, she was outside of UA in the lawn wearing only her long pajama pants and a sleeveless black shirt. When the pink-haired inventor got back to her feet, she was immediately put in a hug and lifted slightly off the ground. Hatsume was about to punch the person doing it but hugged them back with a smile on her face when she saw who it was.
“BAKUBEAST!”  Hatsume exclaimed as she gave her boyfriend Katsuki Bakugo a kiss on the cheek. Bakugo gave her a peck on the forehead in return before placing her back on the ground.
“Happy birthday Mei!” Bakugo exclaimed as he put on one of his gauntlets. However, this gauntlet was one that Mei had specifically updated, that not only had a Gatling gun barrel inside the gauntlet, but the barrels were connected to various tubes that allowed him to use more than just h
     Chasing CarsChasing Cars
Momo Yayourozu was heading back to her dorm room after a long stressful day of hero training, with the moonlight shining down, mixing with the lights from the light posts lining the stone walkway. Being raised in a household with successful parents, she had always strived to be her absolute best. And this gave her much success in her training, as she was one of the few classmates who got into UA Hero School on recommendation alone. Momo was also the #1 student in her class in terms of academics and had been training for hours a day to improve her creation quirk.
While Momo was proud of her accomplishments and her improvements over her time at UA, all of this time training and study left her tired and stressed. Part of that was pressure put on her by her parents for her to do well. She knew they meant well and loved her, but they could sometimes get too…involved in her school life and work. Seeing that a meeting spot underneath a tree was free, she sighed, walk