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Him and Her
His smile was her invitation;
His kiss, her dream.
Her body was his craving;
Her innocence, his reward.
His eyes were her poison,
The tempting fruit of discord.
Seductive, intoxicationg.
She thought he could be her safety net,
But he had other ideas.
Once there, now gone;
Or never there at all?
Nonetheless, her heart was his tool,
Her devotion, his instrument.
That was all she was to him.
But to her, he was Zeus,
Jupiter, Odin, Ra,
The sun, the moon,
He was the world.
To her, she wasn't good enough.
THAT'S why he left;
Left her, with the new life
Life stirring somewhere forbidden.
And he was gone,
And she smothered that life
As she smothered her own.
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 1 4
Rant 1: Phantom of the Opera
One of the pressing matters in "The Phantom of the Opera" is, of course, Christine Daae's choice between the mysterious, enigmatic Phantom, and her childhood friend, Raoul I-Dunno-His-Last-Name. For those of you familiar with Alexander Lloyd Webber's thrilling romantic masterpiece, you know how the story goes. In the end, Christine chooses the mundane life she would have with Raoul over the deep, musical relationship she could have had with the Phantom, after which a heartbroken Phantom disappears, and the conniving skirt-chaser makes off with the girl. Let's see my take on it. (Though it's probably already blatantly clear in this heavily biased intro.)
If I were in Christine's position, I would have chosen the Phantom (duh). Firstly; any man who can sing me to sleep, and willingly commits random murderous acts on my account through blind jealous rage has earned points with me. Honestly. The guy's a genius! He writes operas! And he taught himself how to swordfight. And he built
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 1 6
Sky Afire by sweetanimeangel Sky Afire :iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 2 8 The Sunbather by sweetanimeangel The Sunbather :iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 1 3 Deserving of Protection by sweetanimeangel Deserving of Protection :iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 4 6
The Easy Way
Is the Easy way out
Really Easy
When you're faced with the choices?
Because you can take the Easy road,
And that will end everything.
There will be nothing further,
And the writer of your story
Will put down his pen.
You could FACE difficulty
And plan to SURVIVE.
And pour your HEART and SOUL
Into whatever you have left
To hold onto,
Even if they have nothing left to give.
When faced with my choices,
Over the Easy way out:
For now.
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 0 1
Remember Me
When kingdoms rise and pass,
And you've grown old and wise,
Say you'll still remember
The warmth once in my eyes.
Say that when you're lonely
And your heart has slowed its beat,
That still you will remember me
As I wasn't obsolete.
These tears tracing down my face,
Bloody rivers from inside
Pouring from my ruptured heart,
That part of me which died.
Remember me as I was—
Shining, smiling, alive—
Before I fell, tumbling down
And my mind did not survive.
I pray as the rain sheds this mask
And reveals my screaming core,
That I shall never witness you
As you weep for my nevermore.
I hope you'll keep me living
And forget of my decline;
In my final moments of sanity,
When you were truly mine.
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 0 1
The Last Tomorrow
The searing woe
And bliss
Which today we know;
Will it still be
Throbbing so
When tomorrow's dawn
Breathes light?
After decades have
Quietly bumped past,
Will we still
Bear the puckered scars
Of yesterday?
If there will always be
A tomorrow,
A clean slate,
A blank canvas
Waiting for the hesitant brush,
Need we fear
For what we do today?
But how many tomorrows,
How many fresh starts,
How many lives
Do we have left?
How many times
Can we tumble to sleep,
To wake up again
To a new morning?
Surely, the tomorrows will
Run out
And we cannot know
The Last Tomorrow.
So will you wait,
Still and silent,
For your last chance?
Try again.
Live each today
For what it is worth.
Twist and shiver,
Wait and speak,
Step and fall;
And question,
Dear, question;
Find your answers
For the Last Tomorrow
May be today.
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 0 1
Beautiful Poison
I am surrounded by beauty;
It fills every corner of my being.
I dwell among the beautiful,
And feast upon their bounty.
One who is not surrounded by it
May think, Blessed Are You Indeed,
To Be Beautiful.
It is a poisonous beauty, yes;
False Paradise.
Barred Sanctuary.
The beauty suffocates
And smothers
Nothing to escape to.
Where to run? Nothing but colorful walls
Surround this place.
Yet the people on the outside
They still see just beauty,
And are blind to the poison.
The beautiful people never show them the
The Poison never shows itself
Until they are in the heart of beauty;
Then it strikes them
And they fall
Drawn in by the
Venomous flower,
And so consumed by it.
I see past the Beauty;
All there is is poison
To me;
And I refuse to be
By beautiful poison.
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 0 0
The Sweetest Sound
A child's laughter is
sugar drops, tinkling.
Sweet, melodical.
You feel as if all the world
Is all right with itself
For the one special moment
When that joyful shout lingers in the air.
A squeaky giggle
Can banish sorrow
Trying to take over hearts
And minds.
When a little girl laughs
You know
That the life of childhood innocence
Thrives still.
I watched once,
As a river sped past
Carried with it
Sounds of merry splashing.
The laughter of children is like
That river's laughter.
Bubbly and skipping.
But after a while,
The river reached a lake
And the laughter stopped
Everything became still,
Not unlike adulthood.
Protect that laughter
Protect the innocence
Of a laughing child
So that everyone else
Might laugh
Alongside them.
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 0 2
Averted Gazes
When I glance up at the world
And look around me,
And see all the people in my life,
I think to myself:
"These are the people who love me;
"These are the people who care;
"They will never leave me;
"They will always be there."
And that's when I remember again
That I am truly ALONE
And I glance back down at my feet.
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 0 3
I wish I could fall
Off the bottom of the world
Into the endless void
Among cold stars and black
Black, black
Lose all sense of self,
And just Be.
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 0 2
Mortal Humanity
It is raining.
It is grey.
I hear weeping.
So I pray.
"Cry you not,
"My sweet child.
"I am here;
"Evil is mild."
It is dark.
It is cold.
I hear screaming.
My arms hold.
"Stop your screaming,
"All is well.
"Darkness is weak.
"Its power fell."
It is burning.
It is torn.
We are dying.
Thus I mourn.
"Gone are we,
"Children of man.
"Our reign ended,
"A fallen clan."
Our last breath
Caressing this earth
Sighs and waits
For our rebirth.
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 1 2
Why is it of late
I find myself alone,
With no one here
To hear my muffled moan?
Why is it of late
I find myself so cold,
Without a friendly face
Or a warm hand to hold?
To guide me through the darkness
That has taken my mind.
A mind once so laughter-filled,
No pain could you find.
But now, it seems brimming with pain.
My eyes are like dark voids.
They were once sparkling smiles,
Always over-joyed.
I sit alone in a corner,
Neither eating nor drinking.
I speak to no one.
My eyes are not blinking.
Ridden in my grief,
I'm locked in my head.
I don't sleep, only stare.
It seems I am dead.
My cheeks have lost their color,
And my eyes have lost their shine.
I'm weakening, fast.
Sanity's no longer mine.
Why? There's just this reason;
I can't remember your faces.
You voices are fuzzy;
Where were those places?
And I hate myself for it,
For I promised your mem'ry intact.
But I'm letting it slip,
And I'm too weak to act.
Help me, please!
You can't go away!
And please hurry,
For my time ends...toda
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 2 3
You or No One
That day by my locker
When you asked if I cared,
If I liked you or not,
I wouldn't have dared.
For I was afraid
Of what might have become
Of my precious reputation,
What it would have meant to some.
And so I said no,
And you walked away.
But I still remember that look
On your face that day.
And now I'll never get another chance
To tell you how I feel.
And I hate myself for that,
So I'll make you a deal.
I confess my love
To you or no one.
For I'm afraid no longer,
And before you I'll have none.
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 1 4
I knew I'd have to leave
And that I'd be gone someday.
But now that I am going,
I just wish that I could stay.
But I know I gotta say good-bye,
I know that it's the end.
I know I have to move on in life,
And try to make new friends.
But it leaves this big hole inside,
Right here in my heart,
When I think that I won't be here,
And that I'll be living so far apart.
From all the things that I have known
In these past four years,
All the sadness and the joy we shared,
All the laughter and the tears.
But one thing that I know will stay
Is that years eight to twelve
Will remain a part of my timeline,
The part that you guys wrote yourselves.
And now I am concluding
This little good-bye speech,
And I swear I'll remember you all forever.
Your memory'll stay within my reach.
:iconsweetanimeangel:sweetanimeangel 1 3

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I've finally been productive This year. I'm uploading TWO more poems that I already have written...when I feel like typing them.

Well, technically, I only wrote two while here. Anarchy and another one...that RHYMES...but it still might be cheating because they were both started in HI.

And the other two..Liars was written at 3 something am when I was supposed to be doing homework, and another one was a birthday gift for my dad like two years ago, which I found in my desk drawer.

It also rhymes.

I went to the Molly Brown's house museum today. You know, Molly Brown; one of the Titanic survivors.

Ohhhh yes. And another story; comedy. about the four card suits.

And. I have green nails. They're green....manicures are cool. Cus I pick fun colors. Like greeeeeen.

And I bought a hippie notebook today. It has rainbow peace signs all over it.

Okay. All done. I know there was something  wanted to say really bad...but I forget what it is. So boo.


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