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Magic Forest

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Object  frogsLocation  Magical forest.
It started out with a doodle of a reverse centaur (which started out as a study on horses) and a pile of other drawing/painting youtube videos that got me started on trying to sketch/paint something everyday because I had time, I was inspired, and it had been a long time. So I did this self-imposed 'challenge' 2 weeks before class started and I kept on drawing anything I fancied without any real goal. I didn't try and force myself to draw people because I just didn't feel it. And everyday I tried to do something new, or I tried to apply something I learned from videos. With this one I tried my best to not use soft brushes or blend anything much and i wanted to do backgrounds, which I'm not very good at. I had this idea that it'd be pretty cool for frogs to do magic because people get magicked into frogs, you see? You see? okay lol.

This had been sitting in my folder for weeks now. I just didn't think I wanted to upload here because I do not go here often and it'd be strange to just pop out of the blue and upload stuff like this without engaging anyone in the community. I doubt my watchers are still active too lol. I really wanted to look back on everything I've done because I wanted to redraw them or whatever so I visited this website and just 2 days ago apparently, someone I knew from the old days posted in  my profile (Hello Em), and wow. Idk? It's a strange feeling is all. So I guess that's why I'm uploading? Idk HAHAHA I hope all of you guys are well and still doing creative stuff amidst this health crisis. Keep safe, wear masks, wash your hands! 
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