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Did anyone catch 13,000?  It's passed by, but I haven't heard back.
In the interests of "I want to draw for it!" 13,001 is being recognized for 47ness.  Gillian and Gyp from Boardwalk Empire dressed as Lua and Ladd from Baccano!  Please look forward to it (a-as much as someone would look forward to something like that XD; ).

Next kiriban will be: 13,275!  Watch for it- I would love to draw for you!


Y’know what’s good for Valentine’s Day?  Cute ship art!

Commission are open for little shipping pics (though they don't actually need to be a ship- any pair of characters you want to see together is fine), like so, from now through February 12th, with all efforts to get them finished and posted on or before Feb. 14th.  (will accept commissions on the 13th too, but no guarantees about turn-around time then)  I’ll draw your ship, whoever they might be!!  Any fandom, crossover, or original characters - they're all fair game!

So what are you buying?  Drawings like this: 

Black and white - $5

small Valentine's Day shipping pics b/w by sweet-suzume

[more b/w samples here]

Colored - $10

Little Valentines - 1, 2, 3 out of 15 by sweet-suzume

Little Valentines - 4, 5, 6 out of 15 by sweet-suzume

Drop me a line here or at:

I'll be drawing some more on my own just for fun, but don't chance it- commission your favorites or surprise a friend!  These have a pretty quick turnaround time.  I will take as many as I possibly can, so bring on the challenge! :)

commissions so far and coming soon...!
  Everybody Knows And So It Goes by sweet-suzume   Oh My Own True Love by sweet-suzume  Columbine Columbine/Please Alert This Love of Mine by sweet-suzume How They Love the Sporting Life by sweet-suzume Don't Carry It All / Don't Carry It All by sweet-suzume But Boy, You Are Gonna Stand Your Ground by sweet-suzume Whatever You're Meant For by sweet-suzume
ToG: Pascal & Hubert for karthur,  THG: Annie & Finnick for Mith & Puel :D , AA: Juniper & Apollo for silentbushido, THG: Brutus & Lyme for penfoldx, THG: Wiress & Beetee also for penfoldx, THG: Claudius (OC) & Lyme for Lorata, THG: Haymitch & Johanna for deathmallow
Rocky-O Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I want like... 3 commissions from you. but I have no idea who XD
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014   Traditional Artist
Well, I would be very happy to draw for you!  You still have a while to think about it to get in on this set of commissions! XD;
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January 20, 2014


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