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Kiriban news:

Did anyone catch 12,750?  I haven't heard back about it.

Next up in that case will be: 13,000  Be sure and watch for it!  I'd love to draw for you.


Hey, what do you think of that brown paper?  Let's have more fun with brown paper art together, what do you say?

Throughout January, how about Brown Paper Commissions?! :D

one or two characters black ink + touch of color - $5
like: Garden Fresh by sweet-suzume

one or two characters small and full-color (Prismacolor pencil or pencil + marker) - $10
like: rest peacefully by sweet-suzume or Floral Frenzy by sweet-suzume

Something fancier? Inquire within!
(ha ha, same if you want some other kind of commission…it's just, the brown paper's a nice change, isn't it?)
jigglysama Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
I did got the 12752, as a closest. But didn't save the cap because I know it is not the same. xD
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014   Traditional Artist
Thanks for letting me know about it though!  It's worthwhile to notice if you're close but not exact.  If I go more than two or three times without anyone catching it, I'm usually willing to award it to anyone who mentions being within one or two of the correct number (I get disappointed if too many go by unnoticed ^^;).
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Submitted on
January 9, 2014