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Kiriban status:

In the interests of "I want to draw for it!" 13,001 is being recognized for 47ness since no one reported catching 13,000.  Gillian and Gyp from Boardwalk Empire dressed as Lua and Ladd from Baccano!  It's drawn already...I'm working on the coloring now. Gyp Rosetti Likes Talking a Lot and Killing a Lot:
  Gyp Rosetti Likes Talking a Lot and Killing a Lot by sweet-suzume

Next kiriban will be: 14,000!  Watch for it- I would love to draw for you! (if you see 14,001, do take note, because if no one catches 14,000 I'll be happy to accept that number instead)


Commission status:

Valentine's commissions are closed (of course, right, ha ha). :) (Smile)
I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who purchased, promoted me, or just came  by to look.  I had a lovely time.

Ordinary commissions are open though, starting at $5 (and ranging up from there), on a three slot basis at the moment.  Inquire if you're interested.  I am always happy to draw for you.  (More involved commission info or some sort or other coming, uh, March-ish.)

+ [D3 quartet portrait for Penfold]

(Assuming anyone would be interested, I'm also open to trades if you'd be willing to draw my characters!)
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Submitted on
February 15, 2014