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page - youth in the country, scene of the city by sweet-suzume page - youth in the country, scene of the city by sweet-suzume

sketches and what-not July 30 - August 4

Kimblee, cut-ups!, Persy on scraps of paper, and (younger) Maurice (drawing these was what made me decide to do that digital drawing of him in all those different outfits- I wanted to color him, but some of the markers really smear my ballpoint pen on this type of paper)
Here-Within-Me Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Immediately, eyes lock on Kimblee. Smooooothe~ :giggle: :XD: But I dig all your pages, I like how you collage everything, they're always a treat for the eyes. :w00t: Actually, it makes me think, if I don't exactly have the patience to write ideas and stories down, I could always tell them in doodles and such like this...hmm. *inspired* :thumbsup: :love:
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2016   Traditional Artist
Ha ha, he's always attention-getting!  Thank you! :D
  I didn't really feel like I was any good at collage/didn't have the knack of it for a long time (and sometimes I still make something pretty hideous, I think?  Some of these pages have a better overall design than others, but, admittedly, some of them I didn't try to give them as much of an overall scheme or subject or anything), but with this particular drawing book I decided to just go for it!

I think there are definitely a lot of potential ways to get story ideas out and it's worthwhile to try things out and see what you suits you~

Ah!  Feels great to have given someone that good inspired feeling!!
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