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Mar. 29 - Apr. 17 doodles.  …war games!

How any given characters would play in a video game obviously depends on what game (general type and the specifics) it is, but, in any case, much of this is a generalized musing on that type of thing.  Most of my favorite games are still PS1 or PS2 era JRPGS and that probably shows here, ha ha
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47ness Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Well this is an unexpected musing...! Gamer fella - playing Sega Gensis Console (works)

The turn-based grid system seems like your kind of RPG experience. XD
As far as snipe mechanics go, in Eternal Sonata the long-range shooter's attack is better the further away she stands from the target (I guess because her arrows accelerate to their full velocity, I dunno :P)

I like the idea of Le Ti having a morale boost ability! XD I know a few Civil War-themed strategy games back in the day had a "regiment morale meter"; drops too low and your troops begin to retreat.

Just randomly, but is that Landspiel next to the cocktail, holding that long instrument? (I guess I have him and his gear design on my mind...)

Those bottom panels crack me up; who knows, perhaps some of them would have been quite adept at gaming...... :XD:
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017   Traditional Artist
The randomly generated classes on one of the prior pages is kind of what started this.  I was trying to muse about more appropriate job classes, but then got hung up on how system-specific these things can be.  Some of the characters have traits or skills that would be expressed in an RPG better than others.  (lots of semi-interchangeable infantrymen in this 'game' ha ha)

Yeah, I just love the old turn-based stuff...and then if I'm imagining a war/strategy element, I go right to the grid. XD;  I feel like HC up top with the menu is in, like, a cross between Final Fantasy Tactics and Breath of Fire IV.
That's a nice snipe mechanic to encourage you to actually stay back.  I couldn't help but think about how I never got the hang of using snipers effectively in Valkyria Chronicles, so all mine were pretty much benched.

re: Le Ti - Thank you!  It seems to make sense that there'd be some kind of game with some measure of morale in it.

Yes, that is Landspiel!  He's actually holding his rifle, but then the end of it (seeing as it's such a tiny doodle ^^; ) is overlapping with a big coil of wire attached to his gear.

at the bottom:
1) Valkyria Chronicles rewarded you for (and sometimes required you to) beating maps quickly, but whenever there were trenches or something, I had this natural inclination to want to dig in...
2) I think KK would be great, Horatio would be terrible, and Sazka...I'm not sure, but he's having fun, and he'd play a healer and never complain about how many times he had to heal anyone over and over...
47ness Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Haha, a bit more like Real Time Strategy at that point, maybe... (H.C.: "So, we are all interchangeable in the end...")

Yeah, I mean troop morale was extremely important for thousands of years of warfare. :O And history is rife with examples where the battle was averted because the weaker side found clever ways to demoralize/confound their foes. ;P

Landspiel probably wishes he could be the team bard, singing his dulcet hymns and buffing the party (from a positive of relative safety, no less!), but alas they took away his music. ^^;

1) hehe..
2) sure, if it's multiplayer, I'd be okay with being a healer once in a while.. :>
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017   Traditional Artist
Maybe.  I like something that emphasizes the individuality of each character though (even if they're not super useful), ha ha

Landspiel would love that.  But, yes, alas.  (sometimes he does get to sing though, I guess)

1) It's weird to see my preferences that way reflect my personality or something...
2) I don't play multiplayer enough to have an opinion, but Sazka's kind of a team player-extraordinaire personality-wise
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