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Mar. 11 - April 3 doodles

out in the lupin, Jane in her new home, and along the right side, some shindan generator results doodled about (a la blueludebar here).  Can’t say almost any of them struck me as a class you’d think of these characters as fitting in to (and ‘salaryman’ as a class? ha ha), but that was probably part of the doodling fun.
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47ness Featured By Owner Edited Apr 5, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Whee, so many thick brushstrokes~

The little inset doodle of Jane holding a broom/mop is my favorite. XD (not necessarily because she's holding a broom/mop but just that face) ¦D

Hmm, interesting way to explore alternate AUs/costumes/job classes, even if it's just on a lark. XD Poor salaryman Sazka ^^; perhaps not quite what he set out to do...

Heh, K.K. as a cyborg (interesting job class.....) so, so many implications there (e.g. having something in common with Sazka, having something in common with Richard, and maybe even my Sally ~ hrm.......)

Incidentally, who's the masked figure above Hal? Or is that supposed to be related to Hal's profession... :iconjadecurtissplz:

edit: there's a funny little skit if you click the Jade icon that you might like, just saying XD;
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017   Traditional Artist
My favorite way to paint (?) - in any case, when it's excess paint, that uses it up faster.


It's much more complicated if you try to think 'what kind of class should they be/would I want them to be' (although I've tried to think about it!) (unless you decide you're trying to map it onto a certain preset variety of classes, say the FFT or the FFV job classes or something).  This is definitely just funny. (I was kind of disappointed not to get to draw Sazka doing something more fun/appealing)

I think I'm more attracted to the more fantasy-ish (low-tech?) job classes, even if they're non-traditional ones, so that one for K.K. didn't really do a lot for me either, honestly.  Obviously, it's all about a given person's interests and interpretations- I'm sure someone creative/committed enough could make something interesting out of any combination of characters + classes.  For 'cyborg' as an actual class, I think something more like Maurice than Sazka would express it better...  Or maybe it's that I think job class and I want to lean toward it as a type of profession?  A cyborg sniper is more of a 'sniper' class individual to me.

Basically it was getting 'angler' for Persy that made me want to draw these (as evidenced, probably, by her having a full body sketch here), big surprise, ha ha

related to his profession, though I kept it themed toward what Hal does anyway

Okay, I will check it out!
47ness Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
There's that too. :XD: I know there's always a few tubes of paint that get used up too fast/too slow.

Haha. Well Sazka is close to about the kind that you can pretty much plop into any number of scenarios just to see how it plays out, I think. :B

Oh yeah Maurice too, duh. XD; I guess I didn't make that connection since neither of them know each other.
Cyborg definitely feels more like an inherent trait (or a D&D-style race)

Well you've already drawn her once as an angler in the 2016 calendar(!) so why not give it another go. :aww:

ooo... mystery...
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017   Traditional Artist
A whole jar of paint being used up slower than the others is fine with me, but sometimes I squeeze out more than I need for what I'm currently working on and...well, I've

Yeah, Sazka could easily be played with different ways.  (if I had to go with salaryman, I think out of these characters, Horatio'd fit best)

It comes off differently with Maurice, I know!
Yes, that describes how I feel about it pretty well.

Ha ha ha, I didn't even think of that (on the previous calendar)!  I just like drawing people fishing XD;

well, maybe it's a teaser now, but it's all worn on his sleeve once he's encountered in the text
47ness Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Horatio has a salaryman made me think of "George Mueller" probably because I drove by a Mueller Realty sign yesterday... But just the fact that it's another case of "H.C. stuck doing something he hates". :XD:
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2017   Traditional Artist
lmao, well, yes, exactly XD
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