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page - girls and bento by sweet-suzume page - girls and bento by sweet-suzume

doodles May 8 - June 23

pretty miscellaneous.  featuring: ‘favorite Tales of series characters’ revisited, wow I really love cherry pie, Madoka, Fenimore, and my usual aimless doodling of my own characters
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47ness Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
:pie:  :heart:  :pie:  :heart:  :pie:  :heart:  :pie:  :heart:  :pie:Mao - Thumbs up

Haha, I'm learning a few things here, like how K.K. also likes fried cheese? Also Agarte is close(r) to your heart hm?

The Thomas Mann quote is interesting...
K.K. ...really stands out in that photo. :iconrelievedplz: Like a boss, of course! But this just reminds me of what Drepinov/Siegelbaum/et al were reacting to... XD;

Oo, I remember the first/only time I saw a skate; we were on an Oceanography boating trip in 1994 off the coast of Catalina Islands. :) They threw over a net and brought up various animals for us to study including a spider crab, various fish and a skate about half a meter long. d-dunno if I'd have the same sentiments as Monty there, but then I don't know Nick like he does. ^~;
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016   Traditional Artist
Ha ha ha

Oh, yes, K.K. does (perhaps this will even be mentioned in the story eventually).  And, yes, I really like Agarte~

Just something I liked, I guess.

It's not necessarily quite what the photo looks like, but from your reaction here I can tell it gives kind of the right idea(/what I intended)...  She was definitely the odd girl out.

Hmm!  Interesting.  If I have ever seen one in person I don't remember it (maybe at an aquarium though).  ...oh, the skate comment doesn't have anything to do with them.  I just jotted it down later on.
47ness Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
It's possible...! Your story does a good job referencing/describing food and drink... XD;;;

It sure does give that impression...! I figure the actual photo is left to the reader to figure out, but seeing the height (and posture!) difference here tells it all~

Haha, I see~ not a bad place to jot it down. (I'm trying to avoid using random scraps of paper to jot down writing notes, but if I don't see it in my phone or in the current sketch book, I worry it may be lost for a good while)
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016   Traditional Artist
It's probable?  These characters have a lot of downtime and food's a natural thing to talk and think about.

Pretty much whenever photos are described in my writing I wish I could(/may someday see) different interpretations of what they might look like.  But, ha ha, yes, that's it exactly~

I'm just letting my book be sloppy anyway, so, might as well.
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June 25, 2016
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