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2015 - Kumamon Day Planner - Week 49 by sweet-suzume 2015 - Kumamon Day Planner - Week 49 by sweet-suzume

December 7 panel - only the old sun now…

December 8 panel - after this cute old photo, though I didn’t quite capture my favorite things about it, heh ^^

December 9 panel- upgrades

December 10 panel - after this photo

December 11 panel - time to get a suit made

December 12 & 13 panels - Kimblee skating, a la this 1930s photo
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47ness Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
That's a nice one for December 7th (next year is the 75th anniversary... I'm old enough to remember when the 50th one was observed. :0)

So much bloom in that old photo. :D (definitely more of a digital task, if t'were up to me) But I like your version too.

I wonder if he'd ever wear a toupee... and how long?? >XD

Again, different style, but just as effective in its own right. :)

Not like Ari could just inherit one of his..... ;]

That is a pretty fun photo. XD That gentleman's really hoofing it! (it also amuses me for some reason that zero people in the background can be seen stumbling..)
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015   Traditional Artist
12/7 - It wasn't really picked with any particular thought about the day in mind (as is often the case when I'm behind), but I'm glad you think it suits it anyway.

12/8 - Some of the body language was what appealed to me most, so it was kind of a victim of the size of the panel (maybe if I'd been a little more zoomed in I could've gotten past that) and the 'only one chance to draw it' factor of these panels (which has definitely torpoed a few throughout the year, ha ha).  I'm sure you could do a nice version, but I doubt going digital would help me any. ^^;

12/9 - I've wondered about that myself...might look kind of strange...  Well, he liked having some pretty long hair back in the day, so XD;

12/10 - I didn't want to copy some parts of it exactly (the bright colored boat didn't seem to quite suit the idea I had in mind), but without drawing the person as recognizably one of my characters or favorites, it's pretty generic...

12/11 - Nope!  And Adagio probably enjoys

12/12 - Yeah, I liked it too! (Hmm, I didn't pay enough attention to notice that)
47ness Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
12/9 - in all likelihood Persy would be the one with shortest hair of the group ~ ♪

12/12 - (well for context I was just thinking to our recent visit to the mini ice rink at the Mission Inn and a couple people slipping there) :Þ
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015   Traditional Artist
12/9 - yes, probably!

12/12 - ha ha, oh.  .....that would be me if I were trying to iceskate. XD;  But Kimblee is graceful.
Later on I started wondering about Maurice and Horatio iceskating.
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December 22, 2015
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