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2015 - Kumamon Day Planner - Week 41 by sweet-suzume 2015 - Kumamon Day Planner - Week 41 by sweet-suzume

October 12 panel - lazy morning reading the paper in bed

October 13 panel - “Get well soon, Jack!”

October 14 panel - “May I write to you?”

October 15 panel - based on this photo of the Wiltshire Regiment advancing at Thiepval, 1916

October 16 panel -  kokeshi.  Somewhere I saw them being sold with a description I liked commenting on their being hand painted and, thus, unique , although you could order by type: “We are sisters, not twins”

October 17 panel - Kimblee in the snow

October 18 panel - purple, yellow, gold
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47ness Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Professional Digital Artist

October 12 panel - hehe, breakfast in bed eh? ::haven't had that in ages::

October 13 panel - Get well soon!

October 14 panel - awwwww~ <3

October 15 panel - c'mon then, lads...

October 16 panel -  kokeshi + Bruno/Cat. it was bound to happen. XD

October 17 panel - White on white. :> Looks surprisingly good. (reminds me of a couple iconic shots in the movie Fargo)

October 18 panel - They look yummy like peanut butter & grape jelly. ¦D Viv's riding gloves are an interesting fashion choice~
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015   Traditional Artist
10/12 - I had coffee in bed once a while back after not having any such thing for longer than I remembered.  Kind of fun...!

10/13 - :)

10/14 - thanks- same feeling <3

10/15 - I was feeling like all my drawings were to the same (all things drawn out of my head? And my characters), so I thought I'd copy something a bit.

10/16 - inevitable, right??  I could have drawn Nick and Monty (and associates) with kokeshi, but they might actually be/get informed about what they are? XD; I was also thinking how some of them look so sweet and would appeal to Bruno for that reason.

10/17 - thanks- super off the cuff, honestly.  Aaah, Fargo- didn't even think of that!  That's a good movie. 

10/18 - I just thought 'I want to do a panel with a lot of purple.'  The way I ended up painting white onto my initial bg struck me as a bit Leyendecker-ish.  ...seems like Vivianne ('Viv'? oh, cute) wears gloves fairly often?
47ness Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
10/12 - hehe, I figure you could on your upcoming trip too ~ I can never say for sure by your trip photos of breakfast...

10/16 - I would think Nick and Monty would actually be around people who know what kokeshi are, probably. XD;

10/18 - I suppose so ... I'm usually too busy marveling at her latest hat. ¦D
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015   Traditional Artist
10/12 - ha ha, no, I'm never eating in bed there... XD;

10/16 - yeah, they would be (and I wonder whether Monty already knows that kind of thing at this point or if he'd have to ask)

10/18 - well, the hats are more varied and eyecatching :)
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October 20, 2015
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