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2015 - Kumamon Day Planner - Week 39 by sweet-suzume 2015 - Kumamon Day Planner - Week 39 by sweet-suzume

September 28 panel - after this illustration by Itsuka.  Mine’s not as cute as I would’ve liked XD;

September 29 panel - shelter

September 30 panel - Leo in his element (at the studio).  Inspired by the Silver Dream Factory, a small studio in Anaheim

October 1 panel - currents

October 2 panel -  meeting of the minds

October 3 panel - on West Gallery Street

October 4 panel - inspired by various Toulouse Lautrec posters (featuring fictional language)
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47ness Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Professional Digital Artist

September 28 - I figure it'd be *hard* to achieve that level of cuteness (more medium-dependent maybe)

September 29 - it never occurred to me, but Pvt. Catteneo would be exceptionally pacifist in how he conducts himself on the battlefield if the situation presented itself ^^

September 30 - expanding their operations!

October 1 - the background and patterns feel very Nouveau

October 2 - so many fancy attire all at once ~ (part of me thinks The Conductor whipped up a new kind of micro-distillery)

October 3 - pretty charming backdrop

October 4 - funny, I was just thinking about Toulouse Lautrec (well, actually I started thinking about a cat I once babysat with Rocky named Toulouse, and... ^^; ) it's nicely mysterious too, as I can't quite tell who that is...

I think I can somewhat agree with the Liszt quote. I find a certain catharsis to writing down what's bothering me, but to do it constantly like in diary format can be too much misery indeed.
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015   Traditional Artist
9/28 - Might've been smarter to draw characters I'm more practiced at making super cute, I think.

9/29 - Yes!  That is a very accurate assessment of his behavior...  (makes me want to let you read the relevant section XD; )

9/30 - ha ha

10/1 - yeah, seems like.  They were pretty haphazard- this was all about the silver paint I had out for another project.

10/2 - Ha, everyone's low-key dressed up to about the same degree. (that would be awesome)

10/3 - :)

10/4 - What a coincidence!  I might have to go back and look at some of his works more carefully (I was mainly drawing this one while I was out with you, actually)

Well, I definitely had a good chuckle over it because I've made a point of avoiding writing down bad things that have happened to me for years now.  I don't want to remember the times I felt bad.
47ness Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah, I noticed you were working on that panel all day. ^^ I didn't want to interrupt (like I normally do right??)

Mm, for sure; I felt *so* incensed regarding the parking ticket on Tuesday that I had to blog about it just to flush it out of my system (esp. since I still had 6 hours of freelance work to take care of that day)
For the record, I blocked my family from reading about it. ^^; I learned from childhood to just keep these kinds of things a secret from them.
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015   Traditional Artist
Lots of lines so it took a while (good because I didn't have an idea for the next panel yet though).  (if I cared if you looked/said something I wouldn't be drawing it in front of you)

Well, I'm sure lots of people feel that way about things, but that's not me.
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October 9, 2015
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