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2015 - Kumamon Day Planner - Week 30 by sweet-suzume 2015 - Kumamon Day Planner - Week 30 by sweet-suzume

July 20 panel - To be honest, I have no idea what they’re looking at.  (halfway drawn…I went to sleep and forgot…!)

July 21 panel - poppy field

July 22 panel - re: Dine and Draw at Harry’s Family Restaurant in Burbank (I drew this there and that’s 47ness‘s empty coffee cup).  But it was actually Thursday, of course.

July 23 panel - shirasutai character(s).  I like it; it makes me laugh.  Still, I wanted to do a little bit more than draw it straight.

July 24 panel - I won this event at the festival in Atelier Rorona…

July 25 panel - to be alone with you ♪

July 26 panel - to rachaellikespink!  Because of your prior inquiry and kind remarks! :)
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littlerachael Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015
OH MY GOD THANK YOU! *loves on them forever* You are so talented and sweet! <3
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015   Traditional Artist
You're welcome!! <3  Thank you for your kind words~
47ness Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Kimblee appears in another diner we were at...! And yet I seem to keep missing him... :XD:

Hehe cabbage humor~? (between this, Persona 4 and Avatar: The Last Airbender) They're drawn nice, either way. :)

Lotta great markers, but the best has to be Cat/Bruno+Duqesne sunset. <3
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015   Traditional Artist
You're just too caught up in your own work and thoughts? XD;  It's fine- he mostly ignores everyone anyway.

(huh, that's a few with cabbages, but I'm not sure this stands out as as much of a thing?  not sure if it's a recurring element at least) I gathered the most cabbages...!  They're just a regular ingredient for some of the alchemy (food items), but then the organizer of the event was teasing Rorona.  I could've taken more trouble with coloring them, but I'm too impatient.

I love these markers~!  Coloring with markers is definitely the most easy-going fun sort of coloring to do for me...  re: Cat & Bruno - It's not fancy, but I feel good about it.  Still haven't gotten that out of my system though!  I get hung up on these things...  I feel like some creatively frustrated version of this. XD;
47ness Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Maybe. :XD:;

(Oh okay. I know the P4 one is just fanon, but it's still wildly popular fanon...!) I think it was drawn well. ^^ It's like second-nature with you now.

HAHAHA, I can see your Suzume self drawn very much like Mister Darcy in that last panel. >u>
sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015   Traditional Artist
Heh heh

(well, I meant that I don't think this one in Rorona compares to those two cabbage things)

Thank you :)

I know, right?! XD; (glad to hear it's not just me who thinks that makes sense)
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