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2015 - Kumamon Day Planner - Week 22 by sweet-suzume 2015 - Kumamon Day Planner - Week 22 by sweet-suzume

May 25 panel - after this photo.  I had just the right new markers for those colors, I think.

May 26 panel - trench coats

May 27 panel - flowers of spring

May 28 panel - ......I meant to draw something with Sasarai for the 5/27 panel (his birthday, per my tradition), but then because I’m behind, I wasn’t paying much attention to the particular dates...!  He’s worn out the day after instead.

May 29 panel - somewhat inspired by a photo in a back issue of Gainer magazine (Oct. 2013 issue).  Jack Umber and Sophie Varen.  I think this is the first panel in this book Jack has gotten to appear in without Mags!

I couldn’t help but imagine this is related to Jack asking Sophie to do some research for him near a particular part in my fic ("Don't you think Sophie is a little busy with her own work to be your errand girl?").

May 30 panel - inspired by the ‘wedding suit’ among other black suits styled in the same issue of Gainer.

May 31 panel - After this photo.  Obviously, I’m thinking of Mags again...
47ness Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015  Professional Digital Artist

~ * ~

May 25 panel - just Mags ...and the mistral. XD

May 26 panel - ah there's the winter wear! also what ~appears~ to be Neal and Baunel in the background being cute (actually I could go on about Reynard's letter, but I don't know what that could be...)

May 27 panel - looks like some of those gift papers you can get at Daiso ^^

May 28 panel - those Summer doldrums are coming in a little early this year...!

May 29 panel - haha Jack w/o Mags (is that legal?)

May 30 panel - kind of hard to tell when this is, but based on our recent conversation I can't help but he's going for #4... ^^;

May 31 panel - obviously we all are. :3

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sweet-suzume Featured By Owner Edited Jun 11, 2015   Traditional Artist
5/25 - sounds about right
5/26 - Yep!  And, yes, that's them! :) (I'm not sure what he's received myself)
5/27 - that's true, ha ha.  I based it off a card I bought in Japan...
5/28 - it gets hot in the summer in Crystal Valley...
5/29 - (you would wonder, right?? Ha ha ha.  Mags agrees with you (for spoilery more than possessive reasons):  "Shouldn't be legal.  Jack should be with me. :'/"). I wonder how much of that is the influence of the first person narration- Jack is only seen in the story when Mags can see him...  I always wondered at certain points what he was doing.
5/30 - it's pretty vague, that's true, but no wayyyy, no #4.  not what I intended.
5/31 - heh heh
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