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The Canyon Howler

You hear what sounds like a pack of coyotes laughing over a fresh kill

As you look around for the source at the edge of your campfire's flame you can barely see what looks like a large figure

Glowing eyes are the last thing you see

I wanted to draw how absolutely terrifying Reid is at night >>

Reid Mini Ref by Sweet-n-treat Reid Cryptid Ref by Sweet-n-treat
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Very simple yet it's a very effective drawing. 
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! *shoot's it with rifle*
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me when someone says that they hate cats.
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WOW I love it! Creepy!
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...... i just misread canyon as crayon 
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me @ the water tap when I wake up in the middle of the night
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he looks like hes about to ask for chicken nuggets
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I applaud the simple yet terrifying appearance of this creature.
However, what is it?
A mutated coyote?
An alien?
A Chupacabra like monster?
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Reid is bootiful bean-
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awesome artwork. 
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This is soooo good! 
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I love the depth of this art and this got featured on the front page congrats!
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its so spooky i love it aa
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Wow, nice work with darkness! 
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Hello,do you believe in God?
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Reid makes me happy
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This is so creepy! But I love the play of light and shadow here <3
If I would see this in a game I would virtually run away as fast as I can!
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