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ok well as you may know this month there will Not be an application for Mission 3

and why is this? well if you may know this months Mission is a Trade every one who has done an application will be getting a note from TwistedDisaster on your partner.

since this is the month of love we want to share the love of our wonderful OC's that we have made for this group. however there are rules
:bulletgreen: There will be No Talking between you and the person you are given this is meant to be a Surprise!
:bulletpink: No trading you get what you get TwistedDisaster has spent the past few weeks picking out the people who will be getting the trades.
:bulletgreen: If you Have a Question for the OC you have been given send a note to :devntwisteddisaster: and she will ask the owner and send you the results
:bulletpink: You will have the whole month of February to complete this task.
:bulletgreen: It can be In Any Media and of Anything. ((But please do not just submit a sketch or a line art unless it is a WIP))
:bulletpink: if there are any problems and you do not believe you will finish in time please contact TwistedDisaster or Dezi-Bunny

Deadline for Mission Three is - February 29, 2012

:star::star::star:Regarding  Applications :star::star::star:

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The reason why we are posting this up now is because February is right around the corner. The Mission for that month will not be known until February 1st. However the only ones who will be allowed to participate are ones who have already made an Application for it. We have given you more than enough time to have one done. Any Apps that will be posted after February 1st will not be accepted in to Mission 2.

We are Very sorry but we have given far too much time for it with all of the members we have. If you still wish to join and post an App after February 1st you must then Finish your mission 1 intro comic with in that same month then and only then will you be allowed to work on the next months mission and missions to come after.

We want this to be a fair group which is why anyone can join we all wish to grow and expand as artists and have fun while doing it.

With this being said If you are still to complete your Application with in the Month of January AND You're Mission 1.  Then and only then you will be allowed to do Mission 2.

Applications- Due January 26th
Mission 1- Due January 26th

Unless Notified to Dezi-Bunny

Thank you for listening

:star::star::star: Mission  / Deadline :star::star::star:

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Just a quick update for our members! Missions are out and they are DUE January 26th 11: 59 PM
It is at that time that I will be re sorting through accepted members who do not have an application turned in for the group. I have given more then a fair warning so hurry hurry!!!

Here is the link to the mission template. Please fill out accordingly. If you have more then one character you do not have to do this for both of your characters. But this is mandatory for all members with application. It doesn't have to be extremely detailed. This is just to introduce your character to the group and get RP rolling!


Starting February we will be having another mission come out. I will be updating later on what that is, but it will be a lot of fun!! till then ~~~

I hope to see more and more delicious characters!!!

T'chao lovelies

:heart: Dezi-Bunny

:star::star::star:UPDATES :star::star::star:

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Starting now, all members will need to be approved along with an application of their character.
Members get your character applications in VERY SOON. By the end of the week with the exception of a few people those applications need to be in. Or you can notify Dezi-Bunny if you need more time. I will give you half a week of extra time.

-------- Missions !!! --- >

Thats right!!! Missions will be coming out on the 20th. There will be two missions. One is Expected and the other is optional.

I look forward to seeing the rest of these applications :heart:
- Dezi

:star::star::star: Important Updates :star::star::star:

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Starting now, Members will not be accepted unless they also have an application!
Turn in all applications by submitting a join group request with a  link to your application

Remember everyone! be active and turn in your applications so we can get things rolling.
After a while if there are completely inactive members they will be kicked.


Now we have a chat rooms!  ( linked at the top )
Chat just for everyone to chat in for fun, whatever really. just to talk to other group members
and another one to talk about RP and even RP  

Remember if you have any questions let Dezi-Bunny know. or feel free to ask a contributor / co founder.

Get your Applications in ASAP
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries


And will be accepting hardcore!
Send to the founder or co founders with your application
so that we may approve of it and submit it


Visit Dezi-Bunny DA page for the donation pool to make this a SUPER GROUP!

Let me show you Candy Land

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This is a group ment to be your cuteness expand. need an escape? need something fun? want to meet new people?
Sweet--Tarts is always welcoming new members and new friends.

group icon by :: Princess-Peachie

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Edible Apps
ST- Mission 3 wip by KetsuekiTouji
Mission 2.5- Blandus Mill by BandanaBlue
Sweet Tarts: Christopher Chip Cacao by allycatani
Penelope for Sweet Tarts by DessySaurusRex
John Grimes ( Jedward ) in anime - style by JeanettesFan
Madoka With Sharlotte. by JeanettesFan
Sweet Tarts: Valentines by allycatani
Sweet--Tarts mission 3: Minty valentine by milkybee
Everyday life
Spring! by DanMeow
Which one? by DanMeow
What's this? by HappehCakes
Sweet Tarts Mission 3 by Miss-Gravillian1992

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A fun group about making characters based off desserts of all kinds! A simple role playing group for a bunch of friends
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Oct 22, 2011


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Art Creation

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