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Silver Lightning Fanart by SwedishSmolChild Silver Lightning Fanart :iconswedishsmolchild:SwedishSmolChild 2 7 Drapple by SwedishSmolChild Drapple :iconswedishsmolchild:SwedishSmolChild 2 3 Blueleaf( Human ver.) by SwedishSmolChild Blueleaf( Human ver.) :iconswedishsmolchild:SwedishSmolChild 2 4 Blueleaf(Warriors OC/Cat ver.) by SwedishSmolChild Blueleaf(Warriors OC/Cat ver.) :iconswedishsmolchild:SwedishSmolChild 5 0 Splatoony Smol Child by SwedishSmolChild Splatoony Smol Child :iconswedishsmolchild:SwedishSmolChild 1 0


The warmth of affection
The warmth of affection
'You did it, didn't you?'
It wasn't me this time!
'I'm gonna destroy you!'
I'm sorry-I didn't want to do it before!
'You killed Papyrus!'
He was my friend-you're my friend! Please, forgive me!
'It's over, dirty brother killer!'
Frisk bolted upright with a shrill scream. She reflexively slapped her hands over her mouth, finishing the cry into her palms to muffle it. Her heart was hammering, her body trembling with a cold sweat, her breath coming in sharp gasps.
The nightmares kept coming back. Night after night, she had been plague with the terrible visions. They started different, but ended the same. Sometimes she'd be fighting Undyne, and killing her. Other times it was Toriel or Mettaton or Asgore, and even Papyrus.
Yet the end was always the most frightening. Forced to face the chilling cold blooded rage of a heartbroken brother, she would find herself fighting Sans, and he would rip her apart without a shred of mercy. She had been afraid of many things in he
:iconthil-galel:Thil-Galel 60 8
GB SkeleFrisk Fic - You'll Be Okay, BabyBones
The fuzziness in Frisks head took a long time to leave, but taking a nap had certainly helped.
The small skeleton opened their eye sockets, and was welcomed to the world by lots of fluff and a weight on their back. Slightly scared, they tried to get up but fumbled under the weight on on their back and the strange feeling of their hands and feet. They let out a frightened whimper and immediately shut up
They couldn’t /whimper/
The weight on their back suddenly moved, and they watched as blue fabric  moved about while whatever was around them moved
They looked up, eye to eye with a large skull that was vaguely familiar. It was all coming back to them now.
The pain.
The feeling of their entire, skeletal body changing, shifting, morphing.
Finding Sans.
The crying.
The pain. God, the horrible, horrible pain. Frisk had never felt anything like it in their brief, but extensive life.
“....What happened?” They whimpered out, finding that speaking fel
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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hiya! I am a Asexual Swedish 15 year old potato who is a sophomore in high school. I am a Writer, who likes to draw from time to time, and learning how to become a animator. You can call me Anna, Potato, Potato-Chan or any nickname you want!

Mah OC's/Persona
Potato-Chan: Basically myself in a pikachu sweater uwu
Blueleaf (Warriors/Thunderclan/Had this smol child since forever)


Art Trade: For Friends
Requests: Open
Collaborations: For Friends/(Please ask beforehand!)


Silver Lightning Fanart
This was a little chibi drawing of a friend's OC that I made months ago, but never had the time to upload it. And, I apologize for being gone for a long period of time, but I hope this will be enough til some better drawings get uploaded. I'm still practicing, so if you see better looking art the next time, you will know I've improved >.<
Heyo guys, it's me! I'm kind of curious to learn on how to do pixel art and gifs, and i really want to learn how, but i can't figure it out XD. If any of you have advice on how to start out with pixels, please let me know. Thanks!
Blueleaf( Human ver.)
Welp, here is a crappy attempt to draw my warriors oc as a human. I'm currently drawing all of my OC's rn, while trying to work on a meme, at the same damn time haha.
Blueleaf(Warriors OC/Cat ver.)
Here is my baby, Blueleaf :) as a smol kitteh. I'm not as good as drawing animals, however i will draw her as a human more often, so she will be a smol neko XD. Sometime in the near future, i'll write her backstory in my journal. Who knows? I hope you enjoy it :)
Heyo guys, it's me! I'm kind of curious to learn on how to do pixel art and gifs, and i really want to learn how, but i can't figure it out XD. If any of you have advice on how to start out with pixels, please let me know. Thanks!


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