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Satirical and Ironic, or, err *sigh* I dunno. BUT HERES SOME DANK SHIT DAAAAWG!

You probably think this world is a dream come true, but you're wrong...

CATSD | Other Wybie | Stamp. by MagaliMostacho


When your friend's passed out drunk, but you still want to party XD

Literary every time my alarm goes off in the morning... -_-



Edward Elric Montage
I drew Edward Elric again today.
I mean c'mon, I had to draw one of my favorite carachters; it's the first time the sun's poked out from the clouds, in like, forever...
Although, not that any of you would know anything about that. But hey, at least you got a Swedish weather report, and that's always Something, right?

Anyways, would you guys want to see me do this with any other characters?
Heey there homosapien!Idubbbztv I'm Gay 

As the title said, Im officially an owl now. Yup, no more will I have to shame myself for being up at cancerous hours, because Im an owl, and at night owl's are awake...Whoot?  

A week ago I was tagged by the lovely :iconcorajbae09: to do this name a song for every letter of your username thingy. Dont forget to give em' a litsen , theyre good. Attempt To Be Cool 

Society - Eddie Vedder :freedooom: [link]
Letter W-Undertaleelcome to Paradise - Green Day / We Are Sex Bob-Omb - Sex Bob-Omb (couldnt choose. Emote| Mort think)[link] / [link] 
F2U Glitch Letter Emoji: E  ndless, nameless - NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit [link]
D ark Necessities - Red Hot Chilli Peppers [link]
Letter I- Undertale'm sticking with you - the velvet underground [link]
F2U Glitch Letter Emoji: S ex and Candy - Marcy playground Britney Spears - Smokeney  [link]
H urt - Nine Inch NailsRick and Morty Emote - Rick drinking from Canister [link]
Virtual Retro LED - Look on down from the bridge - Mazzy star Rick and Morty Emote - Stunned Morty [link]
A TWA - System Of A Down:bass-buddy: [link]
F2U Glitch Letter Emoji: D umb- 1991 Radio Appearance - Nirvana Smokeney  [link]

That was actually pretty challenging, I didnt realize how few songs I like that start with an E! XD Thanks for the challenge Coraj! Without it, Im sure my account would be a crevasse without an end. 

for this I tag 

  • Listening to: Spirited Away OST
  • Reading: Into the wild - Jon Krakauer
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: the game of life
  • Eating: a biscuit
  • Drinking: tea :)


SwedishLad's Profile Picture
Erik Börjesson
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a lad and I'm Swedish. So I guess you could call me a SwedishLad then, huh? *ba-dum-tss* ... *coughs*


Anyways, my name is Erik and here on my channel I draw and publish stories.

And hey, guess what!? I'm animation trash that doesnt really do animations, but still kinda wants too because of, you know, procastination... However, you do not understand my love animation. It may stretch from 2d to stop motion BUT! There is one thing you shant do,(*Stare intensifies*) do not diss Coraline... *Nostrils flare*

NOW! If we're all clear, we can get on with it yeah :)

My goals in the future os to work at a stop motion animation production company like Laika and direct my own films and write stories, both for books and film! :)
To illustrate books or maybe draw comic strips is something I consider as well, although I really think I wouldnt be satisfied just doing that.

"choises choises choises... Life's soo hard"
But then again, the animation industry isn't exactly known for its steady income, so being versitale maybe isn't so bad aye!

My first step towards this dream of mine is to enroll into the Bachelor of animation program at Sheridan college in Toronto. If anyone else is trying to get in, note me. It would be fun to chat about portfolios and other things! :D

I am a fucking megaphone with legs, so dont be shy if you want to talk about whatever, just note me, m'Kay!

Cheers :)


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Shoot,I'm so sorry this is late but....happy birthday my dude!! I hope you had yourself a good one!Pink bouncing cake 
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No problem at all! (you can thank Corajbae for that one XD) I especially think your BW stuff is really Interesting.
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Ah Corajbae is so sweet <3 And thank you, pencil drawing is indeed my favourite so I'm more comfortable drawing BW :3
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And thanks for all your Favs too! :D :o
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