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The Sky

worked on this piece since from the last spring but never upload it until now. Hope that you like it! Enjoy! 

Music: Taishi - Encounter Like A Rendezvous…
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Heya! Coming in from @ProjectComment

Judging by your other work I see you aim for a bit of collage -type of wibe. I really like your take on it and I enjoy your simple coloring and combination of different elements. Your aestetchics is rich and colorful and pleasing to the eye.

What I think this image lacks is focus. You have a canvas full of lovely interesting details that all fight for viewers' attention. Nothing stands out as most important and it's even hard to tell different objects apart with them being similar with colors, shading, hue and saturation. To give the image focus I'd advice on using lighting, hues or lines to separate objects. For instace, less important things could be colder by hue and more imporant things warmer hence they seem to be closer. Or you could have the light mainly hit the important stuff and have the rest in the shadow.

The objects themselves don't really seem to match one another - but individual objects are amazingly shaded and colored. The gems, the telescope, the globe all look amazingly 3D. I would like to see something similar on the books and the piano too.

The compositio itself looks fairly good. You've succesfully cluttered things together so that the composition appears coherent, and a little adjustments it would match the rule of thirds as well. Large areas of background give the details room and the image has a pretty natural flow to it.

The background must be my favorite part though. The colors look amazin, the textures are rich and and interesting and you've done will with adding some sparkle and shapes there too. It's full, but not too eye-catching, textured but simple and stunningly colored.

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Thank you very much for your comment! Your comment are very detailed and helpful! I agreed with you! Your advice really helps me, especially when pinpoint the lineart lines, hue, lightning and objects. The shadow effect and bounce light needs some improvement to make it standout, such as color atmosphere. This is a very old art piece, so i can see why! Other than that, thank you so much! :D :hug:

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Glad to be of service >u<

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hi! I just saw your work through Project Comment.

I have to say the colors are absolutely amazing and the overall aura is bright and joyful. I like this piece a lot.

As for constructive criticism, I would say the thing that throws me off most is the positioning of the fairy. The curvature of the spine looks a bit unnatural, and therefore the wings occupy an odd space in the drawing. Perhaps it would be good to sit like that yourself, and take a picture of the pose, so as to have a realistic reference. Also, there is a mismatched level of detail throughout the painting. The arm, piano, and certain "props" have a greater amount of detail than , for instance, the books. Since the books are closer to the foreground than the telescope the sense of space is thrown off. It would help to put less detailed objects in the background and more detailed objects in the foreground - mimicking the actual abilities of human sight.

However, I recognize that this is an "old" piece and you may have heard it all before and long progressed. This piece is wonderful, and it would be a great honor if you left some constructive criticism on my art as well.

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Hello! Thank you for your constructive criticism! I agreed with you! Your advice is very detailed and very helpful! I never thought about it! I used to focus on drawing highly details rather than atmosphere background. Thank you so much! :D

I would like to comment on your work! Do you have any art i would like to criticism on? If so, which one?

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Any would be great, but the one titled "Smile Down Deerest" would be preferred. Thanks so much! :+fav:

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Alright! I'll take the look at it! :D

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I am in love with your style :la:
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Thank you for liking it! I really appreciated Artimist - Blush / Embarrassed / Shy / Stuttering :hug:
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I really like the mood the bright colors of this piece provide
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Thank you so much! :hug:
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