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Rainbow Miracle

"Look at the sky, I'm still here
I'll be alive next year
I can make something good, oh
Something good

Look at the sky, I'm still here
I'll be alive next year
I can make something good, oh
Something good

Are you close?
Shouldn't it come to you naturally?
And everyone knows (Oh)
You're losing your gift and it's plain to see
But then something must have changed in me
I don't fear it anymore
Now I'm sure
I'm sure"

Look at the Sky by Porter Robinson. Porter Robinson - Look at the Sky - YouTube

This is my alter ego, "Miracle". Miracle is a diamond that are made under the weight of Mountains! Her white light is made up of seven colors. Joy, trust, love, fear, hate, sad and lies. All emotion creates the colors of rainbow with different meaning. The white light to be broken into colors by a clear glass diamond. What color they paints them will affect their personalities. The symbol's meaning is that they can bring creation to life. It's like you are getting a transfusion of different emotions.

Story behind:

Miracle was in a suffocating life and she couldn't accept and love her own looks, so she tries to become like colorful like others. When she has darkest moment of her life and she fall into depression, When the glowing bird (person) guide her, it was hard to heal and move on so there is a lots of difficulties she had to challenge in order to heal. But all of it was worth it and she finally praise when she show and reflective her emotions and able to see the colorful world better than ever before. She learnt that she doesn't need to hide the emotions to see the colorful world. Sometime in life, you have to appreciate the least the little thing that didn't come into your mind.

Miracle lived in a world of color and light, but then something happend, the glowing bird (person) could be a loved one, and she fell into depression because the loved one died. but she found the loved one again, she moved on and her world become colorful again.

We make our world colorful, and even if we don't see it through the darkness in our head, we should try hard and find a source of light to brighten it up again, Also, it should not depend on small factors as the piece of the diamond.

Or rather, the diamond was the one that made the world colorful. And the girl found a bigger one, so her world was colorful again.

"I guess i don't have a color... that's alright! They're reflected in me!"

  1. What traits does your artist persona have?
>Calm: Softspoken and rarely raises their voice. Sometimes it's best to stay quiet. The silence can speak louder without saying a word. There's no need to tell them who they are; they are already showing themself.
Artistic: They are able to create and enjoy art with artistic freedom. They can bring creation to life.
>Creative: They inspires their creativity from music, games, movies, anime, tutorials and artworks. Other artists inspire them when they having an artist's block. Imagning or making new and different ideas and design. Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. They may be the only place where there is no one answer - only limitless possibility.
>Lazy: They are not lazy, they just really enjoy doing nothing.
>Smart: They are talent when it comes to drawing and music, they expressive through art without words. A picture is worth a thousand words. 
>Shy: They have speech language disorder that they have difficult to speaking and talking, especially infront of people and crowds. Only they trust in their close friends and family. They don't like bringing too much attention to themself, bragging and being loud.

Mental illnesses: They are suffering with mental illnesses of Anxiety/Social Anxiety/Depression. If strong enough her mental illnesses will manifest into small monsters. They are fighting their own battle with life and death. They struggling with their mental health and depression, lost themself in drawing and music as an escape.

When she's stuck in artblock, she creates a artblock, which it surround themself in a dark empty room, just to be alone in their own room. they think negativity by thinking about giving up.

Drawing Creation: The user can create objects and beings by drawing them. (including weapons, tools, buildings, vehicles, etc) ), power, etc. by using art. The user can also create a new world by drawing it and draw tools such as drawing a sword and armor for their usage and get around quickly by drawing doors and portals. The user can even draw into existence creatures or any other objects. They can create other and or different superpowers in anyway the user feels or just thinks it.
- May not always get what they want.
- Have to be able to create/use art.
- May need a certain type of tool

Paint Manipulation: The ability to manipulate paint/pigment and make the paintings real.
- Needs imagination to use.
- Needs paint to work.
- Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user and their power's natural limits.
- User has to complete the painting for it to take affect.
- May be limited to manipulating already existing paintings without ability to create their own.

  1. How could art school help your learning process? By learning from my own mistakes and try learning new stuff. To challenge myself for improvning your skills. Learn from others. By learning with tutorials and reference.
  2. What is your dream career in the arts? Since i was 8 years old, i wanted to become a manga artist, which i got inspired from by Eiichiro Oda - the creator from One Piece. My favorite book is One Piece, Oda inspired me since i was younger that made me become a manga artist. Because of it, It's my favorite. Thank you for everything! :D

Many years has passed since depression and suicidal hits me and was close to end my call back there. But i got help from my family and friends. I'm thankful for their support and kindness. Without them i wouldn't be here. I love you.

Song: Look at the Sky by Porter Robinson Porter Robinson - Look at the Sky - YouTube
Time: 5 hours and 36 minutes
Media: Paint Tool Sai Ver.2
Tools: Wacom Intuos Pro (M)
Character & Art by me L.L SwedenLena :iconswedenlena:

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