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Character  Monkey D LuffyLocation  One Piece Series
2 days ago, 21/10 2020 It's the One Piece 21st anniversary!! Since One Piece has made me become who i am today, so i wanna celebrate with my art as a thank you gift. Thank you Oda, for inspiration me and all around the world with your amazing storytelling! You're amazing! Thank you for all the years for all the adventure of storytelling! You inspire me! And i'm truly grateful for that! :love: :hug:  
Luffy OP Icon 3 Roronoa Zoro (Santoryuu) [V2] Nami OP Icon usopp post timeskip hat Sanji OP Icon 4 Tony Tony Chopper (Sparkle Eyes) [V3] Nico Robin OP Icon 3 Franky Super OP Icon Brook Icon OP 6 Day89 - Fireworks Pink bouncing cake Piece Of Raspberry Cake 50x50 icon :Sunflower: heart balloons 

Time: 13 hours and 27 minutes (I stay up very late at night, just to finish the drawing! Sleepy Sleepy Klunk  )
Song:One Piece Strong World Theme Song: Fanfare.  One Piece Wanima (Gong) 
Strawhats (c) Eiichiro Oda
Art by me L.L SwedenLena 
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