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Light of Gold

Inspired from museum where i went with my mom and my friend. 

Time: 6 hours and 53 minutes
Media: Krita
Song: Houseki no Kuni - Kyoumen no Nami "Waves in the Mirror" (Orchestral Ver.)
Art by me :iconswedenlena:

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© 2020 - 2021 SwedenLena
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Your artwork is so heavenly!!

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Thank you so much! Cry forever

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Hello, good day, I'm from @ProjectComment .

Well this is a rather golden looking piece full with details. I really like the yellow gold line work that you’ve used here. We can see the intricate details of the characters, as well as the surrounding area. You didn’t skimp out on anything, and I do like how you’ve rendered the overall building they’re in, along with the columns and steps. The bottom gets a little funky with the perspective, and a little messy near the right side of the picture, but overall it doesn’t look that bad. I feel those soft golden yellow streaks at the bottom there sort of throw it off a bit, since there’s nothing but straight line work all around.

The coloring and texturing of each individual and the shading near the top and the bottom are rather interesting. You’ve stuck to a simple pallet, yet it looks rather eye catching. The shading does help with the detailing, and gives some of these characters and objects dimension. The reds, blues, to the slight green and then finally the yellows really help. I wish you would have added in a little bit more shading to the closer characters, so they’d pop out much easier in the foreground. Right about now they sort of blend in a little bit, and it’s hard to tell the distance between objects as they’re all the same ray of colors. Maybe use a little thicker lines for the up close objects, or shade it in a way the foreground characters pop out.

One thing that could also help is to show part of the edge of the steps. I feel we should see the first and second step edges near the top, where they end, just to help with the illusion of distance a bit. It’s hard to tell distance a bit if we don’t see anything coming forward in that retrospective. I know it might not help in making the room wide enough, but it’ll help the viewer a little bit better, and give the picture more added depth.

Overall you’ve done a great job. Really like the detailed scene here, and the overall story that seems to be happening in this drawing of yours. This scene specifically looks rather great.

Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

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Thank you for your comments! Your detailed advice is very helpful! You explained very good, especially how you explaning about how i needed stronger and bolder lineart for distance objects and the steps of stairs with perspective. Thank you for taking time by comments my work! I learn alot from it! :D
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Welcome, glad to be of help.

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How... how do you do the lighting effects?

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This lighting and color pallet is so majestic and beautiful! Well done!

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :D

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Nice use of opaque and non-opaque colors. Beautiful work.

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Thank you so much! :D

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The first word which is coming in my mind by seeing this beautiful piece is "magic". The light is the thing which pops up. I like a lot too the stylization of the scene drawing. You put a lot of efforts in details that make sound the scene as an antique / mythological scene.

I don't know if the knight is dead or is dreaming to a Goddess, whatever it's a strong moment.

As I said, the light attracts the sight; however in my opinion you would gain something by contrasting the set a bit more, maybe by making the goddess a more focal point.

Another things which could be improved are the stars :) : it reminds me my own way to do two or three years ago. Dots are an interesting way, but don't hesitate to change the size, to use several layers with different opacities and too with using an airbrush tool adding to the dot layers ( it allows to represent some light propagation, gas clouds ... and makes the sky more realistic in my opinion ).

I show you my last example of this with a comparative meme of two strips in my comic :

Neuriade p28 strip one [old VS new ]
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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! Thank you for the kind comments! Your advice is very helpful! :D
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With pleasure!

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Thank you so much! :D
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