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:: Vega ::

Comes with a compact start menu so I recommend keeping the items on the right side of the start menu to a minimal (9 looks good on mine), cause tall compact menus just look crazy weird n stuff.

Enjoy :)

System Requirements:
Visual Style - Windows Vista 32 or 64-bit any version
browseui.dll, ieframe.dll, shell32.dll - Windows Vista 32 or 64-bit with Service Pack 1
Blend4Vista Iconpackage - Stardock's Iconpackager
Wallpapers - a computer

Visual Style, browseui.dll, ieframe.dll and shell32.dll by Sweatyfish
Iconpackaging and live folderwork by Sweatyfish
Included Wallpaper by Cigsace [link]
Blend Icons by Laurent Baumann [link]
x64 testing courtesy of DjabyTown [link]

Modifications are allowed. No permission needed. Credit to me as the original author required. You must share your work under the same license.

For help using Visual Styles, click here.
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any way to install this on a 64bit Win 7?
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love it man keep up the good work!..
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This is a fantastic Visual Srtyle, it reminds me of OSX but .... better. The taskbar has been nicely designed, and there are no bugs/glitches with this Visual Style as far as I can tell. The icon packager theme is brilliant when combined with this visual style. Added it to favourites.
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in fav *-*
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Thank You, i use this one & it's awesome.
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A very nice Visual Style, if possible do you know of any RocketDock skins that work will with this theme?
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This will not work in SP2
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Does this work with Service Pack 2 too?
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omg this must of token forever to make!!
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nice but only 1 theme work but it was the one i wanted so ya thax dude
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Great visual style!!!!

You should create a dark version.
you know...everyone is putting a browseui.dll but i dont even know how to use it and i just use the file that goes with the visual style tuneup utilities etc. I dont quite understand this browseui.dll file thing, could someone explain
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man this is the best theme ever...
u should make a dark black version that would be great..
keep up the great work..i will deffinetly add to favs..
i don't know whether you still check this but something went wrong

i installed it and everything went right and all that but when i tried to put the system files it didn't work at all
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man this skin in excellent...will be using this for a long time :) thanks for sharing with all of us. :)
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Good job mate.
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Have to agree with the post before me!
I really like to use this one, and I'd like to have a darker version of it too. :P
Any chance that you'd make one? :)
Excellent theme! I love it.

Will it be possible in a next release to adjust colors like for other Aero themes?
I like grey a lot, but i'd rather use a darker one..
Please read my above post. I didn't mean for it to be so long but this is very important to me.
I accidentally added the .dll files without first updating to SP1. I have the 32-bit version and I updated all the files properly, the problem must have been that I did not update to SP1, and now I cannot load up anything. When I boot up Vista it brings up an error about the physical memory. . . .

Is there any way to edit those files from outside of the OS? Is there even any way to solve this problem?

My computer is dual booted with Mac OS X and I can usually edit my Windows files from the Leopard partition. The problem here is that the files in the System32 file folder cannot be edited.

P.S. It does let me boot the Vista system, but nothing happens besides the error that pops up about not being able to access the physical memory or something like that. I can press CTRL+ALT+DELETE, but I can't open the task manager. When I boot Vista it loads up with that error and then displays a purely black screen. In safe mode it loads up a black screen with the Safe Mode tags in the four corners of the screen.

I have tried loading up the Vista installation disc, but that doesn't help. When attempting to repair it fails.

The easiest solution would probably be to find a way to edit those .dll files back to how they were originally from my Mac OS X partition. Since Leopard is installed on the same hard drive as Vista I can see all of the files from Vista, it's just that some of them cannot be edited.

And it wouldn't help if I copied my files from Vista to Mac because OS X is installed on an HTFS+ file format, which cannot be read from Vista (which is NTFS).

Aside from my stupidity this is a really great skin, it is by far my favorite.
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