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:: Striped VS Vista Port ::

Vista Port of Striped VS (blue scheme)

- Visual Style
- 32+64bit Vista

Not designed for use with details pane (bottom shell). Turn off by opening an explorer window, select Organize in the upper left, from the drop down list select Layout, then click on Details Pane.

Special thanks to Lassekongo83 for his generosity.
If you like, also give a fave to the original.


HELP: If the Start Button does not display correctly when you first apply the style, log off, then log back on. Also, make sure you use 96dpi. Basic mode only.

I may do the other colors in a bit.

For help using Visual Styles, click here.

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Sweatyfish, can u please somehow port this VS for Windows 7?:)
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Great! :w00t:
I used it on my desktop.
Take a look: [link]
Ooo no port for Windows 7? I like the dark glossy 3D, striped look of this theme.
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excellent port. Thank you VERY much
Hey! I love this theme but my minimize maximize buttons become HUGE and arent like yours. But i read some other comments and you said to apply it in basic mode, but i dont understand how to do that. Can you please tell me how to apply in basic mode? Im using Tune Up Utilities btw!

Help Apperciated :D

Great Job On The Theme!
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I havent used Tune Up. You can try using the Aero Basic theme in Vista then try applying.
amazing! i love this theme sooooooo much! love you! aha

great job. to bad its not a torrent i would seed for ever! haha
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Awesome theme! But when I applied it to my 64bit Vista, the Minimize, Maximize, and the Close button in the windows doesn't change like yours. Is there any way to fix this? :)
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Are you using 96dpi, and what program are you using to apply it?
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I'm using Tune Up Utilities to apply it and 96dpi. :)
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Make sure it's in basic mode, it's not aero compatible.
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Best Windows Vista Skin i've download in ages... brilliant work!
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Hi there, I'm currently using this theme but just wondering how I can get my folder nvaigation arrows like yours?

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Ah awesome, total missed that, thanks alot.

Managed to forget to say, love the theme, so much nicer than the original, also the wallpaper fits it brilliantly.
I really like this theme but dont like the blu. i would love it if you did the other colors
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Nice but how do i installlll N?????,!!!!! please :S
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great theme!!!

I like it so much and want it become to Aero style. :)
i dont know. totally messed on my machine vista sp1 32 bit.
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Needs a fix for google chrome
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google chrome stays the same no matter what style you use.
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no it wasnt showing the to right corner buttons but when i restarted the program it was fine my mistake :)

love the theme
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