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:: ProjectX ::

Why is this still here after releasing ProjectX 2? It's for sentimental purposes...ahhh..

The wallpaper can be found here: [link]

ProjectX is now opensouce! You can now modify, and redistribute this as you please

For help using Visual Styles, click here.
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i love this style and have used it for months. i looked around deviant art today to see if theres a style i like more but this one is still my fav. gunna go with the prjectx2 back and forth buttons tho i think.
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Looks nice! one of the rare few I actually want to apply!
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how do you change the color?
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please help how to i install ipatched with vista glass but what do i do with the files? im running windows home basic
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Did i commented already ...before :confused:
Well, anyway... now i find my new theme! :)

Great work! ...I am so addicted to black themes ;)
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nevermind just my connection :) great style!
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download link seems dead :( ?
this would be perfect if it had an orb :)
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ahh, I'm making v2 of this right now, actually ;)
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great work:) man its really great
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nvm i see it doesn't work with vista home premium which i have
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It doesn't matter what version of windows you have. I didn't reply to callbobby^ because he will eventually figure it out. But yes, this will work with any version of windows. If you have patched the Windows theme files, and put the projectX folder in the themes folder, then it will work. Right click desktop, go to personalize, click window color and appearance, click "open classic appearance properties for more color options", in the pop up you won't see projectX listed but you will see more than one "Windows Aero" theme. It is one of those aero themes, just apply each one until it changed to projectX.
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Ok so i've been trying to figure out how to use this for 3 hours can you help me!? i downloaded it as a rar. file and extracted it into a folder what next and so on?
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Doesn't work with Vista Home theme file shows up .[link]
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This is another nice looking theme :)

I have an unfinished stream somewhere on my HDD with almost same windows :D

Keep it up :thumbsup:
lol now I feel dumb hehe. My background is greyish on the bottom, so it made it look solid.

Thanks again man, love the VS of this one
Man I really like this VS. Just started using it, but it's definitely to my liking.

One question though. I seems that my task bar isn't transparent. Am I missing something? Do I need to add something else?

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is your wallpaper dark at the bottom? if it is, then it may seem that it isn't transparent. Try moving a window behind the taskbar to see.
Sweaty Fish,

Just want to say congrats on ProjectX Visual Style. It was just what I was looking for for my Vista x64. I must say I was a bit surprised to learn that you could use visual styles on Vista. I thought that you had use the .theme files that are in Windows\Resources\Themes. Shows you what I know. But I did, as you instructed, patch all three of those DLL's first and I guess that's what did it.

I did have one quick question. (and I'm no techno wiz when it comes to graphics, so keep that in mind) but I noticed that when I opened up Windows Mail that the main titlebar is black and the part below it is grey, just like you designed it to be, but the toolbar is blue. Other than just not showing the toolbar, is there anyway to make that black in future skins?

I don't know if other visual styles can do this or not. Yours is the only one I have tried. Anyway, once again...great job..Thank God for artists. I'm one at heart myself.
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Okay, I just looked at what you were talking about. The toolbar that is blue is part of the Windows Mail program. It isn't customizable through Visual Styles. The only thing customizable about the Windows Mail toolbar (through a Visual Style) is the text color of the toolbar...sorry.
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Wow, I must say that I didn't know if this worked on 64 bit. I made this using 32 bit resources. I'm away from my computer right now, but I will look into the Windows Mail problem you are having.
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Very nice theme. Great job. :)

© 2008 InfinityK4fx |
i like it !!!
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me too !!! haha
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