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September 15, 2008
ProjectX 2 by ~sweatyfish Vathanx told me this is a great, elegant & sleek visual style for Vista. I can't but agree ;-)
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:: ProjectX 2 ::



Here is what has been my latest obsession since the last update to Vega, stage 2 ProjectX. (made with fresh resources, the original ProjectX was not recycled)


Download includes:
-Visual Style - any version of Windows Vista (32bit or 64bit)
-browseui.dll - requires 32bit Vista w/SP1
-and shell32.dll - requires 32bit Vista w/SP1
-Installation Instructions

After applying the Visual Style, set your color to "Graphite" and your color intensity control to about 5-10% (real low). The reason is even though the borders are made black, Vista still adds a very slight tint to the default color.

x64 System Files by ~2bfree
ProjectX 2 ObjectBar by ~sweatyfish
IconPackage Used by ~mrskope
Matching WMP Skin by ~StopDreaming:
Miranda Skin by ~Cyntar7

Modifications are allowed. No permission needed. Credit to me as the original author required. You must share your work under the same license.

For help using Visual Styles, click here.
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