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April 17, 2009
:: Lumen VS :: by ~sweatyfish This is one visual style for Vista that everyone should try. It's really well made and totally useable.
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:: Lumen VS ::



Lumen VS
Aero Only

-Visual Style (32 or 64bit)
-Browseui.dll and Shell32.dll (32bit SP1 Only)

Get 64bit files here.

May be too little too late, but here it is. I used this as a base to make up for lost time.

Because the borders are/almost a pure white, be careful on choosing a wallpaper. The taskbar and borders get "washed out" real easy on bright wallpapers. I suggest a dark one or at least one that has consistent color without bright spots. The taskbar only looks right when used on the bottom, where a Windows taskbar belongs. Browseui.dll does not display correctly on Basic mode. I may update to show the search on start menu. Finally, the shellstyle is designed for the top shell mod (included shell32.dll). If you don't use top shell, modify the shell/find another/turn off by Organize -> Layout -> Details Pane.

I may modify later to show the search on the start menu.

You are free to distribute if you modify. But link back to the original. Also, your modification must be shared under the same terms and license.

For help using Visual Styles, click here.
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Will it work on Windows 7?