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:: Kemikal 3 Vista Port ::

Vista Port of Kemikal 3

-Visual Style (32 or 64bit)
-Browseui.dll (32bit SP1 only)

Install fonts before using visual style.
Not designed for use with details pane (bottom shell). Turn off by opening an explorer window, select Organize in the upper left, from the drop down list select Layout, then click on Details Pane.

Special thanks to Lassekongo83 for his generosity.
If you like, also give a fave to the original.


HELP: If the Start Button does not display correctly when you first apply the style, log off, then log back on. Also, make sure you use 96dpi.

Update Dec. 12, 2008
Centered titlebar text for fullscreen windows.

For help using Visual Styles, click here.

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Love this theme. Even made a custom wallpaper and icons for it :)
Downloaded a couple of gadgets to go with it, too. Suppose I should get a matching cursor set as well, but I'm not quite ready to give up the Minecraft set that took me ages to figure out how to install...
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Nice ports from awesome styles :thumbsup:
hybridatomsk's avatar
I am in love with this port. Thank you much, dude. Your work is amazing!
Real nice style. Thanks keep it up
nazerry's avatar
nice man. kemikal 3 for vista. i demand the aero features. ;P
pencilcheck's avatar
oh no, google looks ugly now. Without the aero border it's almost impossible to function properly, I wonder if the proper aero version will be out?
pencilcheck's avatar
I mean google chrome, oopsy
nisto91's avatar
Right-click on Chrome, set the compatibility mode for Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 1). Then download a skin like [link] .

You won't have aero, but it's better than the ugly blue default.
PixelatedHeaven's avatar
so beautiful tears were shed from my eyes, when i used this.
Brandlos's avatar
This is great! I'm using it right now (actually, I just learned how to use other visual styles... hehe). :heart:
ozmoze's avatar
this makes me wanna switch to vista
whitestwidow's avatar
oh n btw, whered u get the wall u were using for this screenie?
whitestwidow's avatar
wow, A fucking plus on the port job man! def one of the best vista vs'.
Mheltin's avatar
Very nice Port.:nod: :thumbsup:
tarkovski's avatar
add aero and i will be happy)
supercura's avatar
please make this in aero. kiss
wekky's avatar
I agree with Fekke. Would be AWESOME to have this in Aero (as he said, no need for transparency, but just using the GPU for rendering and the other DWM benefits is worth it :))
AlbinoAsian's avatar
some more great port action ... you're on a roll! keep up the AWESOME work mate!!!
damn i cant wait to use this...was my favourite theme in xp!.. but its only on 32-bit now...could you please provide us the dll for 64bit as well? is this the basic version or aero version? I remember lasso's vista port for cleanglass had some problems with the start menu in the basic version
Fekke's avatar
I can tell u that the visual style works fine on 64 bits. but i havent tried the other files. Becouse i dont know how to replace them and that stuff
you mean this works fine without any problems for on a x64 vista? that is awesome! i dont use browseui or shell.dll whatever.. i am only interested in the theme.. can you confirm whether the theme works in x64? i will be very happy! this and auriel as well?
Fekke's avatar
all themes works on 32bit and 64bit. but not the .dll files and that stuff.
so should not be anny problems to use jsut the theme file
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