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:: Alduin 2 Vista Port ::

Yet. Another. Vista. Basic. Port

Updated June 3, '09:
-Thinner window borders
-New start menu shutdown (thanks to =jg-visuals for the find)
-Went back to the more XP style
-Changed fonts to Avant Garde
-And more (honestly, I can't remember)

Not designed for use with details pane (bottom shell). Turn off by opening an explorer window, select Organize in the upper left, from the drop down list select Layout, then click on Details Pane.

For drop shadows, use Y'z Shadow (latest version).

Special thanks to Lassekongo83 for his generosity.
If you like, also give a fave to the original.


HELP: If the Start Button does not display correctly when you first apply the style, log off, then log back on. Also, make sure you use 96dpi. Basic mode only.

For help using Visual Styles, click here.

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How to install it?
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Awesome lookin' theme there dude!
But let me ask you since I noticed someone else had the same broblem: how do I apply this theme to my Vista since there is no theme. file? Any help?

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This is Awesome im going to use it :)
i just want to share my idea, if you add toolbar/panel like ubuntu has on the top you know you put stuffs you want up there and you can group them put as much distance as you want between icons and stuff.
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one question.. how come I can't see the urls? and the internet option.. Like, I can see the check boxes but not the texts. It's all white. Do you know how I can fix this?

Great theme btw!
Someone help me. I want a new theme but i have no idea how it works. There is no .theme file here, so how do I apply this theme?
Shit my bad didn't think the last one sent
Someone help me i want a new theme and i have no idea how this works. According to Geeksmack there should be a .theme file. now that there isnt, how the hell do i use this?
So I installed this and everything, but the back and forward buttons do not show properly. They show as they would on a regular vista theme but with black backgrounds. They don't show the green ones you have there.

It's a great theme and I'll use it, but is there any fix to that issue?
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I've never used a theme that is this good. This has been for a while now, and will forever be the only theme that I use on my Vista laptop, however, after buying a new computer with Windows 7, I was crushed when I found it hadn't been ported yet. Any chance of a Windows 7 port?

BEST. WORK. EVER. You are the man Sweatyfish.
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yeah hope there is a version seven for this!!! it looks too good please incorporate it within windows 7 if u can
great theme! will there be a version for Windows 7 as well ? please :)
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may i know what tools do you use to edit those visual styles?
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Vista style builder, restorator 2007, paint dot net, Alpha image converter, and love
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haha ok thx alot :)
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This is brutally good. Your work is amazing and clean. I'm about to ditch all of my Aero themes and just keep yours.
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I am, no lie, about to start crying. It's amazing.

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Hi Could you tell me if u cann add the browserui.dll from this shoot? Thank you.
And one more quiestion i cant get Vista Style builder ....FREE do you no other programs? fREE?
Nice VS
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Thank You :D
I could have another question....
how do you change the Notification Area Icons like ....System Sound....etc I saw that in Transformation pack they are changed gist asame like you have them. changed.
Thank you
Sorry if i havent been clear. 'Bad English' :D
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pleas could you link the shell32.dll
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