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Apophysis Brushes

Another brush from me. Made this one just to look how those brushes where made. You can find 100 and more of these on the internet. And here is mine.

In the sample I used a bit more colors just to give you an idea what the brushes would look like in other colors.

Progam Used: Apophysis and Photoshop ( CS3 ).
Brushes: 25


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Nice brushes.  I love what Apophysis can do.  I am not good with it, but I love it.
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Used your brushes here: [link]
Thanks for making them! :)
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Used your brushes here:[link]
Thanks a lot!
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very nice colours
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I just love the colours.
love the colours u used in the preview look's epic
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nice brush thank u so much
plz can any one say how to use color brushes i always use brushes in black n white how to use the color one
ya its funny
iam noob here
thanks for the help in advance
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Well it aint that hard. I mean working on a white background, you should change the color black to..let's say pure red.

Or you first make a layer with nothing but black and white brushes, next you create a new layer which you color with whatever color you want. Next you change the layer style. Don't know what option. Guess Overlay or something else, something that fits youre taste.
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thanks for the heads up
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No problem. Hope the info helps a bit.
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ya your advice helped me a lot
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Hi ^^!
I've re-used your brushes here [link] and here [link]

Thanks a lot ^^!
They're very useful and beautiful :)!
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Hi ^^!
I've used this beautiful brushes here [link]

Really thank you ^_^ :hug: :D!
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Just downloaded your brushes. I'm looking forward to using them with my Photoshop Elements 7. :hug:

Thank you so very much!
Downloading, thanks.
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Really good job :) gonna download!
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Looking cool, just going to download them, thanks!
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Very nicely done. I'd even go for a wallpaper just made like that.....-grins-..hmm. ideas brewing!
will fav to be sure i remember who to credit!
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snagged this, will credit. mostly do stuff at livejournal.

thanks for sharing your work!
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I am glad you guys like it :)
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I think I just spazzed. :boing:
:heart:TOTALLY AWESOME!!!:heart:
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