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SeaWorld California Nerds Unite!
United States
Current Residence: SeaWorld California
Welcome to SWC Fanclub! We are a club that is dedicated to the wonderful orcas that reside at Sea World California. Thanks for stopping by to check us out and we hope to have you as our new member!

Updates: Yes, yes. As you can see this club will be under construction for a little bit (don't be afraid to submit artwork though, go right ahead!). We're adding in new quick links, and we'll also be creating a section for the members of SWCFan Club and for the orcas of Sea World California. Look forward to these updates very soon! :D

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All about Sea World California:
Sea World San Diego in California, was opened in 1964 and was the first ever Sea World to be opened to the public. This marine zoological park was created on 22 acres along the shore of Mission Bay in San Diego. It became the first aquarium to continuously exhibit killer whales in 1965 under the registered tradmark name, Shamu. The park is owned by Busch Entertainment Corporation, a division of Anheuser-Busch. Today, Sea World California has seven killer whales residing at their park. Their names are: Corky 2, Kasatka, Ulises, Orkid, Sumar, Nakai and Kalia.

Corky 2 was captured (along with 11 other orcas) on December 11, 1969 off the coast of British Columbia. She was sold to Marineland of the Pacific in California and there she met two other orcas named Orky 2 and Corky. Corky 2 has had several calves and miscarriages, her longest calf surviving only 46, was named Kiva. Only January 21, 1987 both Corky 2 & orky 2 were transferred to Sea World in California where they met three other whales named Kenau, Kandu 5 and Nootka. Today she is the oldest killer whale in captivity, with Lolita (Miami Seaquarium) following close behind her in age.
Kasatka was captured October of 1978 off the southeast coast of Iceland. Her and two other orcas, Kotar and an unnamed female, were sold to Sea World California. Kasatka switched back and fourth to the Sea World parks in Ohio and California during the summers between 1984-1988. She eventually was sent to one other Sea World park, Texas (1988), before finally staying at Sea World California. She gave birth to her first calf, Takara, on July 9, 1991. Her second calf, Nakai, was born on September 1, 2001 through artifical insemination. Kasatka was the first orca ever in captivity for becoming the first marine mammal that was artifically inseminated. Her third calf, Kalia, was born December 21, 2004.
Ulises was captured November of 1980 off the east coast of Iceland. The first park he was sent to was Saedyrasafnid, Iceland. Later, in 1981, he was sent to a park in Spain called Rioleon Safari where he was named Ulises. Two years later he was sent to Aquarama Barcelona in Spain. There, he shared a pool with several dolphins. He spent seven years at Barcelona before finally being transferred to Sea World in California. He was the first adult male to live at the park for almost six years. Today he has to remain seprate from Corky 2 because he seems to bully her but he's very gentle and playful with the younger orcas. He has yet to father any calves.
Orkid was born September 23, 1988 at Sea World California to Kandu 5 and Orky 2. Three days after her birth, her father died so the trainers decided to name her after her father. She was named Orkid (Orky's kid) in honor of him. On August 21, 1989 Corky 2 and Kandu 5 (along with young Orkid) were preforming in the show pool. At one point, Kandu 5 swam right at Corky 2 with her mouth open and rammed right into Corky 2. Within minutes, blood began to spout out of her blowhole. After 45 minutes, Kandu 5 slowing sank to the bottom of the tank and died. Orkid was only 11 months old. Today, Orkid still remains at the park. She's never been moved and is a great preformer. She has yet to mother any calves.
Sumar was born May 14, 1998 at Sea World Florida to Taima and Tilikum. For three months, Taima seemed to be a good mother to Sumar until during a preformance she turned on him, swatting him with her tail and throwing him onto the stage. Ever since then, the two have been kept apart. On March 8, 1999 Sumar was moved to Sea World Califorina, along with another male named Keto. Later on April 15, 2000 Sumar, Keto and Keet were sent to Sea World Ohio. Almost a year later in January of 2001, Sea World Ohio was sold and Sumar moved back to California February 18th of 2001. Ever since then he's stayed at the California park and now is growing into a mature bull.
Nakai was born September 1, 2001 at Sea World California to mother Kasatka and father Tilikum. He was the first orca to ever be conceived through artifical insemination and was also the first orca to be born at the park in over ten years. He enjoys showing off in the Close Up tank and isn't shy at all. He's never been moved from the park and today you can see him hanging out with close siblings, Sumar (half-brother) and Kalia (half-sister). He enjoys hunting birds along side with Kalia and his mother, Kasatka.
Kalia was born December 21, 2005 at Sea World California to Kasatka and Keet. By March, Kalia was finally named. She is very advanced in her training and she makes for a wonderful preformer. She gets along with all of the orcas at the park but she prefers to swim with Sumar, Nakai or Kasatka. Kalia is a very interactive orca and loves all of the attention that she can get. She's alos the youngest orca at the park today.

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