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Superman vs HULK: Cheap Shot


I usually create original characters and single panel scenes with no text so this was something really different for me.  I have always been a comic fan so I figured I would give it a shot.  I want to thank ~freddylupus and *VASS-comics for all the excellent advise on this project, they really helped me grasp the concepts of comic book art.

One of the ideas behind this render is that Superman's base strength starts out higher than the HULK's, however Superman would only wear out over time while the HULK keeps getting angrier and thus stronger.  Superman attempts to take out the HULK fast before it's too late and to minimize collateral damage.  Will Superman's cheap shot be enough to incapacitate the HULK? Or will it only bring HULK's rage and strength to a new level?   

If this is well received I will consider continuing it with a part 2 when I have a chance.  That is if I can come up with a good idea, or maybe I should have a vote to determine what happens next?

DAZ Studio 4.6 Render

Content/Plug-ins Used: Atmospheric Effects Cameras (depth), Advanced Ambient Light, Skies of Economy, City Ruins: Building 04 & Vehicles, Carnival Entrance (modified flag), Dystopia City Blocks 011-020, Ron's Brushes, Supersuit, Cape for Supersuit, Boots & Belt for Supersuit (heavily modified), Subsurface Shaders, K-Nicky Hair, WildMane Hair, Various Genesis Morphs, Garibaldi Express Hair (eyebrows), Dental Plan, Mr Hyde, Abominable, Freak 5, Michael 5, Hiro 5 (hand), 220 Emotions for Genesis

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When all else fails......Go For The NUTS!!!!
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hahaha funny nice job :)
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Hulk: (recovering) Cape man make big mistake/

Superman: Superman to watchtower. We have a proble-(punched across Metropolis) 

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I just read the Hulk's line in a high pitched voice.:XD:
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As you were supposed.
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It´s crazy - but it´s very good!!
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Supes taking down the Hulk?  really?  Well, I guess that's a story that will never be settled (the Hulk is the strongest character in the Marvel Universe).
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"the Hulk is the strongest character in the Marvel Universe"

LMFAO What? Reality warpers say hi. There are many beings far more powerful than the Hulk, particularly those whom are masters of quantum mechanics and space-time itself.
Wiccan/Demiurge, the Scarlet Witch, Dr. Strange, and many more simply wave their hands at Hulk if need be.
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Well it's possible that the battle is not over yet. ;-)  HULK's eyes are open in that last panel so he is not unconscious.  Maybe Superman just managed to make HULK really angry and we all know what that means. If I can come up with a good idea for part 2 I might do it when I get a chance.
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Superman is stronger than Hulk's base strength, and there are several villains that are stronger than the Hulk, Abomination being the most well-known.
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From what I understand you are correct about HULK's "base" strength but his max strength is unknown, possibly unlimited.  This relates to the entire idea of this render, superman is "trying" to take HULK out fast before he gets stronger. However if he fails it will just anger the HULK incredibly, making him much stronger and harder to deal with.
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Nice. I think Superman has more than enough powers to do exactly that. Heat vision, especially, would be difficult for Hulk.
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Superman usually does not want to kill & HULK has been able to regenerate from giblets so I don't see heat vision or any of his powers taking HULK out directly.  I think superman's best bet is to try and knock him out and hope he turns back into Banner. Anyway it's all just fiction and both characters are ridiculously powerful so it all comes down to however the writers want to play it out.

This video does not go into detail but covers some good advantages & disadvantages each have:…
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Agreed. Still fun to debate. Where do you stand on Batman vs Superman?
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That's true.  Batman would easily take Superman. I remember reading some story line where Superman actually gave Batman Kryptonite just so Batman could take superman out if supe ever went out of control or something.  Even in a world where no Kryptonite exists the bat would find a way.  One of my favorite graphic novels was "The Dark Knight Returns".

Doctor Doom would beat them all at the same time. He has countless gadgets like a time machine, nerve impulse scrambler, etc. Doom is also one of the most powerful practitioners of sorcery.  If anyone did take him out it would just end up being one of his Doom Bots.  If he did run into any trouble he could just get his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet and/or gain the Beyonder's powers again. 

Although, the true winner of the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny is Mr. Rogers in a bloodstained sweater.  

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I love Epic Rap Battles of History :) Have you seen the latest one -- Al Capone vs Blackbeard?
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hahah, hilarious!
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