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Sierra Skye Saves the Day

This render is based on a real person and true story. Minor details have changed & it may be slightly exaggerated.

The horse manes, buckle/star, cow print and sand dunes were created from scratch. I heavily modified the textures of the jean pants (Town & Country) to convert them into daisy dukes. The freckles were enhanced with custom texture work & I was able to give the skin a nice glow using the Subsurface Shader. The drool, dust & some of the straps were added in post.

I'm really happy with the environment design and sense of depth. WorldBase was a flexible, light weight solution for the sky & distant mountains since they are out of focus. I used Infinito to create detailed custom terrain for the middle ground & close up terrain. The Atmospheric Effects Cameras' Depth Mask helped with brushing in the dust clouds in post.

DAZ Studio 4.6 Render

Content/Plug-ins Used: Garibaldi Express Hair (horse manes), Infinito (terrain), WorldBase XT & Desertlands Pak, Barn Yard, Atmospheric Effects Cameras (depth mask), Ron's Brushes (dust & drool), Dark Apocalypse Shrieker, DAZ Horse 2, Western Saddle, Toy Pony, Town & Country (boots & jeans), Kimberly Accessories (top), The Gunslinger S3 (guns), Western Hat with Hair (hat), Lada Hair (Renderosity), SG HeadDresses (bandana), Fabricator (top), Supersuit Shaders, SPEX (glasses), Deborah for Julie (skin), Subsurface Shader, Various Genesis morphs, Victoria 5, Chibi Girl, Jazlyn, Nata, She Freak 4 (GenX), Mr Hyde, Dental Plan, Satsuki, Shape Shift.
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So cool, great job!
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Nice work.  Real where it should be real and toon where it should be toon.  I like the composition and the post effects, too.
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Thanks! I've been striving to reach a nice blend of toon & realism. My compositions have been improving thanks to the feedback of some friends of mine that are comic artists: ~vassdeviant~freddylupus


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I'm loving this, must say I rarely see something this original created in DAZ.
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Thanks.  I usually try to start with a clear vision, kitbash a ton of content & do a decent amount of custom work to match what I have in my head.
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Keep on with that persistence that you have, you're doing a pro job honey :)
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:) True story indeed ... LOL
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Well the true aspect is that the character defended her home from creatures that could be considered deadly. :-)
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This is great!
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This is a fun scene!! Great job!  :happybounce:
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thanks, it was a lot of fun to make.
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lol. Very funny. And quite awesome with the depth and atmosphere.
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Thanks.  I think this is my strongest use of depth so far.  I look forward to continuing to work with this formula.
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Very nice - I am sure it is as accurate portrayal of the event as the retelling of the event ;)
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Thanks. Yeah, hiking through the desert at 120°F while rationing Mexican candy really helped this idea to cook. 
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