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After learning the basics of hair styling with Garibaldi Express, I decided to test it's versatility by creating fur. This render is currently featured on the Garibaldi website Gallery and Product page.

Check out Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moon Light to see the Mohawk I styled.

DAZ Studio 4.5 Render, Garibaldi Express Hair System.

Content Used: Catgirl Genesis, Gorilla for Genesis, Skies of Economy, Heart of the Jungle, Jungle Vines, Various Genesis Morphs, V5/Supermodel, Chibi Girl, Hitomi, Nata, Taiga, Aiko 4 (genesis), Sadie, Abominable, Mr. Hyde.
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I purchased Gerabaldi but have no luck getting this quality
did u export as obj?
or did u use reality render?
can u guide me please
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I did not export to obj or use Reality, this was rendered in DAZ with 3Delight. I'm no master of Garibaldi, I just went through the documentation and forums to get the basics down and did a lot of tweaking until things looked right.

I usually have to do a lot of tweaks to the hair base/tip colors, the salt/pepper, the specular settings of the Garibaldi material and of course lighting.  It can be time consuming because they all interact and sometimes things will just not look right until you get them all in a compatible zone. Also the width & amount, clump, scraggle, frizz and brushing all help to give it a more natural look.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. I don't have all the details fresh in mind and my process if often chaotic.  If you have any specific questions or works you wan't feedback on let me know.  I assume you've been through the online help?

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its ok I have looked at the tuts and have them booked marked for some time now but I have yet to get a good result thanks
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It took me over 30 iterations to get the gorilla hair in that state so it was a lot of trial & error ;-).  If your interested here is my latest render using Garibaldi: It was used for all the hair on the green guy and on the demon's legs. 

In addition to learning the technology it helps to study real hair on people, animals, etc. It varies in thickness, density & length in different areas, also the direction of the grain forms patterns.  Watch out that the hair does not all stick up uniformly, this can create a bad halo effect that looks very unnatural.  Hair often looks feathered at the edges.  I try to accomplish this in 3D but if some spots need work I might feather them a bit in post using a very small (often 1 pixel) brush with the smudge tool. Smudging can look very bad if overdone so I do it on a separate layer so I can toggle it, mask parts out or adjust it's opacity.  
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i alwaYS look for tutorials & other work to see for hints but mine is consistently crappy no realism in the hair
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I'm addicted to information, tutorials, etc.  They help get me started but I have to do a lot of experimenting to really get the feel and a solid understanding that I can apply to unique works

An exercise that might help would be to try to mimic the hair from a photo as closely as you can.  This would give you a direct reference so you could clearly compare what aspects may be off.  Then you might be able to apply that understanding to something done from scratch in the future.

I also find that practicing fine arts, like drawing from life can really strengthen the eye and hand.

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yes i keep a lot of images for reference but have no luck yet creating any good hair
I only can draw cartoon I hate reality images I feel they r a hard surface the cartoon images for me are a softer more forgiving surface
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If you are determined and keep at it you should improve over time.  

I often prefer stylized art since it offers more freedom to be expressive.  
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NICE job on the gorilla! He's very toony - nice to see that can be done with Genesis and Garibaldi ;).
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Thanks! I feel like just about any humanoid shape can done with Genesis, then Garibaldi adds infinite hair/fur possibilities on top of that. :-)
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Question, how did you get the hair color to match the texture of the kitties? I have Garibaldi, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the hair to be the same color as the texture.
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It's been a while since I used Garibaldi so I don't remember all the details. I do hope to work with it again soon.

First you need to prepare the images. You can try to use the character's original skin textures but it helps to do a little editing. I like to make a base version that is darker and a tip version that is lighter. It's also good to remove any details that are not part of the fur or hair.

You also need to make sure the textures are in the proper format (1024x1024 .png), named correctly (coresponding to the surface names) and put in to a folder (you import folders not files). If your using different images for the base and tip they should be in seperate folders. You import textures in the "Paint Workspace". On import make sure you set the type to "colour". See the Paint Workspace section of the user guide for image format & import details: [link]

In the Distribute Workspace, under "Colour Settings" you can set your imported textures for the base & the tip. If you need more detailed info see the Distribute Workspace section of the user guide: [link]

Hope that helps.
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That does help. Their website wasn't really very easy to follow.
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Glad that helps. I also forgot to mention if you have trouble figuring out formats & naming conventions you can export textures first to use as a template. Just check all the needed surfaces in the setup tab, then go to the paint tab and hit export. Or paint some density first if you want more of a guide. Then you can find the matching character skin color textures and paste those into the exported files to make sure the format & names are good.
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This turned out amazing! The movement and expressions are perfect - So awesome! :)
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This practically looks like a still from a CG movie. Great job with Garibaldi too!
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THANK YOU... for adding "Gotcha!" to our NEW DAZimals Group :)

LOL... GREAT expressions!!! makes me smile whenever I see it :)
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Your welcome & thanks for having it in your group gallery. Glad it made you smile, that is the exact reaction I was going for when I made it. :-)
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